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Summer is now well underway. The Solstice fall-out continued with many choosing to suddenly leave the Earth plane around that time which was a shock for their family and friends. Our love and prayers go out to them all. Now the Eclipse energies have been preparing us for probably one of the most important times of our lives. All the traffic lights are on green, it is green for ‘go’ and we have the most incredible support this time.

If you are suffering in any way it is a call from your Soul and the Universe to pay attention. Things are not working anymore and you have to change them – you have to change now. For a while you may have felt a little too fearful to really make the changes, talking your talk instead of walking your talk, but now you have full planetary and universal support to go ahead and start making those changes. You are not alone, many others are doing the same, so link into the higher vibration and get on with it.


The recent Solstice and impending Eclipse energies have really pushed us into the next stage of our Ascension Process.

Trying to find order in chaos
Life has suddenly become very busy and sometimes there is the feeling of being out of control which might make you panic a bit. Well we are not meant to be in control any more, the Divine Plan is well and truly taking place now. The urge to change, shift, move, is stronger than ever, and that too is causing feelings of panic because we might not be sure what we are meant to do or where we are meant to go or how we are meant to change. Also we may be weighing up deals, offers and proposals that have come out of the blue and worrying about whether we should go ahead. All of these things start to feel a bit out of control, chaotic and even downright weird at times.

You have your ‘Ascension Tips’ book, so you know what to do during times like this. Give yourselves plenty of time to have little recovery breaks despite all the busyness that is going on around you. Eat well, try and sleep well, breathe, drink plenty of water (stress has been sending us through the roof lately), eat well, (more green veggies so that you are getting plenty of iron, lots of root vegetables to keep you grounded). Most of all find time to go out and switch off from it all for a few hours, get out and have some fun for a change. (We had a busy social weekend last week which did us the world of good as it took our minds off everything for a few hours plus we had loads of fun!).

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”
-- Deepak Chopra

Super Sensitive
When you come through the above stage you might feel hypersensitive for a while, it is as if your sensitivities have become heightened even more. You suddenly can’t handle too much noise, your hearing has become amplified and you require the volume turned down quite low because of this. Your skin becomes more sensitive and you start reacting to products that have been fine up until now (as mentioned in the ‘Ascension Tips’ book, it is like something is crawling under your skin, or you may be shedding skin) it is all part of preparing you for the shapeshifting we are all about to go through this month. Your sense of smell and taste become more acute and you become even more aware of what you are putting into your body. As with all Ascension processes this is a temporary state which will settle down after a couple of weeks. You have attained a higher level of sensitivity because you are now linked to the higher vibration (fifth world possibly sixth world energies). Whilst going through this phase you can feel a bit exposed and vulnerable therefore it is important to use aura shields (our ‘Protector’ spray mist can do this in a second for you) and to protect your solar plexus (draw the energy of the Sun into your solar plexus, pull it through from front to back and feel the warm glow of your solar plexus centre becoming stronger).

You also need to be very careful who you spend time with when you are going through this phase, one of my friends recently said that she felt the need to “batten down the hatches”, another has completely distanced herself from everyone else’s dramas and refuses to get involved in them as she feels the need to protect herself and her space right now.

Therapists and healers will obviously continue to be of service to their clients but will find that they are now seeing right through some of them and realising that it may be time to move them on as they are not willing to do the work and are only coming to you for feel good top ups. When you move into the higher levels you have a laser like ability to see through people and situations. As therapists/healers you are becoming more discerning about the type of energies you are willing to work with now.

Finding your road
Some are now finding clarity about where they are headed next and others are at last finding their purpose which brings with it a release of stuck energy that helps you to really move forward now. If you are still unsure what is next, don’t panic, just keep talking to your guides and attuning to the inner, higher wisdom that is your true guide. If you feel resistance coming up, immediately sit with it to find out and identify what this little fear is all about, turn it into a positive by reassuring yourself and make it into a positive affirmation you can use. Resistance will make everything so much worse for you, try and go with the flow, your own personal Divine Plan has been given the green light and it is all systems go now. Be patient, trust the inner guidance and go with the flow. By doing this you will soon find your new road/pathway opening up to you.

Getting ready
Many are finding themselves in a state of preparation. You may not be sure exactly what you are preparing for but the urge has become very strong. Constantly clearing the clutter will help to keep the Chi circulating in your environment which will be more supportive of your endeavours. Some are changing their image – a completely different hairstyle, getting rid of all their old clothes and questing for new ones that reflect who they are becoming, devoting more time to self care and self love, etc. All of which are wonderful confidence boosters which raise your vibration helping you to attract positive energy and good things and enable the right synchronicities to take place. Many (like myself and my husband) are feeling the call to prepare to move to a location that matches our new vibration, and to link with communities that support, nurture and encourage and who are committed to Mother Earth.

As I have said in previous newsletters, my hubby and I’s urge to move, our urge to grow our own food and become more self sufficient has become stronger and stronger over the past couple of years and in this ‘one’ year we can no longer wait, it has to happen soon. I am feeling the ‘spirit hand’ in my back pushing me forward into this new reality. This is the same ‘spirit hand’ that pushed me to go to Alaska the first time (when I went to study essences) and we all know how that completely changed my life. We are both scared and excited at the same time. It means total change and upheaval leaving a way of life that we have loved (especially the dancing), friends and family, but we know that it is time for us to be picked and placed where we now need to Be.

Happy Feet
Now is the time to look after and pamper your feet, they will be taking you to where you are headed so they need to be prepared too. Get a reflexology treatment, go to the chiropodist and every day give them some extra attention yourself. Spend time every day massaging them, rubbing oils/creams into them. (Massage or stroke gently from the base of the heel along the sole of the foot right up to the tips of the toes. Also gently massage/stroke the front of the foot from the tips of the toes up the front of the foot, massage the ankles and gently sweep up into the calves. Ensure the foot is well supported when doing this). Not only is it relaxing you will also sleep better. (It’s great to do this at night whilst sitting on the edge of your bed just before you go to sleep). Because you are nurturing yourself, you are working in a conscious way with your feet preparing to take the next new steps forward together as a unified Being.

Arrows flying forward
Many have experienced memories of people, places and events from their past coming up. For me personally, I have had a continual steady stream of past re-visiting, and for once I stopped questioning myself (‘Why am I thinking about this/that?’ etc) and just went with it. It is like peeking back through the curtain of the time and having one last look at the things/people/events that affected you back then. Those who have used our ‘Arrow’ essence will be familiar with this process. This essence is all about dancing with our shadow through the Gateway of Potential. This is the final part of the process with the Arrow (us) being pulled back before we are finally released to fly into our new futures. For some, you may experience a sudden acceleration of events in your life that give you an idea of where you are headed and what your new life is all about. It is very exciting and very scary at the same time because it can all happen so quickly. Ride the Arrow and see where it takes you.
(The ‘Arrow’ essence was made during the Harmonic Concordance and is all about Manifestation. Taking flight. Into your truth. Completion. Freedom to live and be the Dream. Crikey I think I need to take some of this!).

A couple of days after writing this, I was doing more clearing in the house when I found a card that had been sent to me by a friend back in 2001 that she had bought in San Francisco. I have no idea how it ended up in that bag of more recent stuff. On the front of the card are two Native American Indian Warriors on horseback with full war regalia (headdresses – one with full war bonnet, shields, coup sticks etc) they are both looking back at a huge circular ‘portal’ which has lots of different types of scenery and landscapes in it, an Eagle flies very high above the portal. It is called “Out of the Past” and the description reads:-

“These two warriors, one young and one old, are riding through the past into the future. Helping to shape the future, the past provides the wisdom of Elders, the foundation upon which growth is made possible. It is our instinctive need to survive that prods us to find new and better ways to analyze, navigate, and nurture a constantly changing world. The circle represents life as a continuous process, calling to mind the many circles and cycles that exist naturally in our Universe. As the two men ride together out of the past and into the future, they ripple with the steady rhythms of life. It is the resulting disturbance that initiates the momentum which makes evolution and change possible.”

The artist is Chebon Dacon, a Creek/Choctaw, who made this card in 1995. (It is available from Coldiron Publishing Inc, Oklahama City, no web details on the card).

Ascension Symptoms
(some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so)

(You don’t need to hold the energy for the planet, anything, or anyone else - anymore. It is time to retreat, rest and recharge now. FFI re- read the ‘Cosmic Slug Syndrome’ section in your “Ascension Tips” book).
Itchy skin/feeling like something is crawling over or under your skin
Stomach problems
Aching joints and bones (feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, elbows, wrists and small parts of the hands and feet)
Throat problems (now it is more important than ever to speak our truth)
Cold symptoms (is it hay fever, is it a cold or another clearing?)
Strange/weird dreams
Sore backs:
The planets are urging us to let go of the past which is why there is so much back stuff going on. The upper back is about not feeling like you have much support, the middle back is about old stuff from your past that is moving ready for you to release it, and the lower back is about fear and money issues.
Gentle exercise and plenty of water will help.

Note: If you are of a high vibration you will need to be very careful about any healings/treatments you receive during this coming month. The person giving you the healing/treatment needs to be of the same vibration or you could find that you feel quite sick and out of sorts after your session. If you don’t have anyone suitable you can go to in your area, just before going to sleep ask the Angels to take you to the Halls of Healing for healing during your dreamtime. I guarantee you will wake up feeling much better.


Keep on keeping it simple
Every day find ways to live your life more simply. Ditch the clutter in your home, head and emotions. Eat more simply. Talk less. Think less. Avoid other’s dramas. Avoid gossip.
Get Ready
Fix what needs fixing. Chuck out what and who needs chucking. Clear the decks. Make some space.
Look for the Peace
Every day give yourself five minutes to stop, breathe and re-centre and re-ground yourself. Breathe in Peace and breathe out Peace, five minutes at a time. Look for peaceful resolutions to all problems.
Be excited about the coming changes
Choose to be excited rather than fearful. Trust in the Divine Plan. Go with the flow. Ride your Arrow.
Present your best Self every day to the World
Each day ensure you look wonderful, even if you are doing the housework or gardening. Don’t let life’s busyness impinge on your important self care time. Look fabulous then you’ll feel fabulous.
Attitude of Gratitude
Giving thanks is the key to coping over the next few weeks. Give thanks often during each day for every little thing, even the times when you aren’t too happy with what is happening, remember to give thanks at the end of the day before you go to sleep.

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find this 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Copyright E. Yule 2008 Worldwide Rights Reserved

(Permission required to forward, copy or use this article in anyway).

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