Monday, 12 May 2008

And it's a hot one

We have been experiencing a mini-heatwave this past week and it has been interesting observing my own and others reactions.

I have loved being able to hang my washing out and getting it dry in a few hours. This is one of the simple pleasure of my life. (Even though it's dry, I will hang it on the clothes airer upstairs so that the house can fill with the lovely fresh smell!)

With the upcoming Women's Retreat and other personal and business events booked over the Summer, a little gremlin of fear inside me is worried that this might be it, this might be our Summer, and that I should get away from this computer to go outside and make the most of it.

My husband despairs of the increased noise from neighbours and doesn't understand why they don't enjoy the peace and quiet of their gardens listening to the little birds and other critters and the wind in the trees. Their loud music and drunken revelry that gets quite noisy deters him from sitting in his own garden. His simple pleasure in life is to sit in his garden on a lovely day quietly reading a book. (He works hard all week cooped up in an office and so I can understand why he feels this way).

Whilst we were out shopping over the weekend, the hot weekend was causing tempers to fray amongst many people. Some shoppers seemed the opposite, as if in a daze (the lights were on but no-one was home). Drivers seemed to have left their brains at home and there was some seriously dangerous driving going on.

Heat affects people in so many different ways. In the UK we went from cold wet weather to a heatwave, so we didn't get time to build up to it and it has taken some adjustment.

Life's tests can often be like that, you are cruising along when suddenly a curve ball comes along that you weren't quite prepared for. Tests like this are great, they show us where we still have work to do on our shadow side and also test our sense of humour!

Acceptance and balance are tools that can help when dealing with life's little curve balls. (Although I have to say, my husband's tolerance level seem to have been reached and we are now working on manifesting a new home in the countryside with no neighours in our backyard!)

What tools do you use to deal with life's tests?


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