Monday, 7 April 2008

April Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Diaries – Update

I am continuing with my clearing process and finding more things I can get rid of. I will sell some of these on E-bay and donate the rest to charity.

I have reduced magazine clutter by only buying one UK magazine per month (instead of several) and I greatly enjoy it when my Oprah magazine lands on our doormat every month as there is so much in there, it is a feast that lasts me all month. My mom-in-law and I also swap monthy magazines which we both enjoy doing for each other.

April Feng Shui Tip
The laundry cupboard/airing cupboard is where I store our bed linen and towels. The top shelf is quite high so my husband kindly gets the bed linen down each week, however he doesn’t do this in the tidiest way and each week I end up having to re-tidy everything on the shelf that he has pulled in various directions! Here’s a great tip I came across which has really helped to solve this problem:-

Duvet Sets – fold and place duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillow cases into one of the larger pillow cases from the set. Fold the end over and place on your shelf. Do this for all of your sets. When you pull out your duvet ‘packet’ it comes out easily and you don’t have sheets and pillow cases tumbling all around you, plus the shelf looks really neat and tidy!

Dontcha just luv Spring cleaning time!

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