Monday, 22 February 2016

FULL MOON BLESSINGS! - February 2016



We have a Full Moon in Virgo:
UK                 22 February 18.20pm
EU        -           22 February 19.20pm
USA     -           22 February 13.20pm
AUS     -           23 February 17.20pm
NZ       -           23 February 19.20pm

VIRGO – I Be / I Analyse
Earthy, grounded, intelligent, common sense Virgo is a stickler for details. They will always read the small print before making a decision.  Ah decisions, Virgos want all the information available before even thinking about making a decision. Sometimes this gives them ‘analysis paralysis’, when their brain is so full of data that they are too ‘full’ or confused to make their decision.
Virgos are practical and dependable. Work-wise Virgos like structured organizations such as the health service (they are also nurturers and empathic), the armed forces, universities etc., (where they can use their analytical skills in research, detailed design, computing etc). They love bureaucracy and excel at making sense of it.
Virgo’s a loyal, reliable friend who is great in a crisis. They just need to ensure that they are not being used or treated like a doormat. Virgos are their own worst critics, they never feel they are good enough or have done things well enough. Enough already! This Full Moon lets you know that you are enough; in fact more than enough, you are fabulous! So celebrate yourself instead of beating yourself up over little things that in the scheme of things won’t stop the world turning. You have a mission Virgo, so raise your head, look up and aim for the bigger picture.


Many folks have been feeling tired lately.  Some feel as if there’s a kind of pressure building up.  If you feel like this, rest when you can, do some breathing exercises to help bring you back down into your body, and go out for walks in Nature to ground any excess energy and walk off any stress.

The Year of the Monkey has already thrown up revelations for some folks. They are now seeing the truth about their situation/other people.  Trickster energy has already started and we need to have our wits about us. 

Offers may come thick and fast and we need to be in tune with our inner guidance in order to quickly discern which one/s are the best for us (and who has the best intentions for us).  Balance is the key for 2016.

I received this insight in December but forgot to put it in the New Year blog:

2016 – the Year to be Seen
 Time to come out of hiding
Time to take your turn in the spotlight
Time to put yourself forward instead of others  

You, your beautiful light and your gifts and talents are much needed right now with all that is going on in the world.  
There are many who feel lost and need a light to follow, be that light.  However in order to be that light, you must be seen.  
Step out of any ruts you may be in, step out of any boxes you may have put yourself (or others may have put you) in, flutter those beautiful wings and show yourself to the world.  
It’s your turn now.


Heads up – the first Eclipse season of the year is in March.  I’ll write more on this nearer the time.


Numerologically, it’s interesting that there are so many 2’s in today’s Full Moon date.  22-02-2016 – 22 is a master number representing unlimited potential of mastery in any area, not only spiritual but physical, emotional and mental as well.  And there are two sets of 22 in this date!  Added together the entire date = 6 – the number of the Love vibration.

The above is slightly less so for those in the southern hemisphere who have their Full Moon on 23rd, however they can enjoy the triple 2 as can we. 

The triple 2 represents our newly planted ideas beginning to grow into reality.  Keep going, keep nurturing your dreams, and never give up on them.  You are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction.

Virgo reminds us that in order to manifest the big, bold, dreams and goals that we set for ourselves at the last New Moon, we need to take some practical action towards them.  A plant cannot grow unless it has first grown some roots and grounded itself in the Earth, only then can it reach for the sun.  We are no different. It’s time to get out of our heads and into our bodies and take some real steps towards those dreams and goals. 

- Want a new job? What action have you taken towards finding it?
- Want to move home? What action have you taken to make that happen?
- Want love in your life? What action have you taken to attract that?
- Want to lose weight/get healthy? What action have you really taken towards that?

It starts with the dream/vision of what you want, and then it needs you to take some steps towards making it happen.

Actions you can take for most of the above -

- Go online for information and contacts that you may need.
- Make a few ‘phone calls, (you never know they might know someone who can help and point you in the right direction).

- Visit a few different areas to see if you like them especially if you are looking to move home.  Suss out what’s available locally but don’t be afraid to go further afield.

- Try out local gyms/classes/organizations to see which one is right for you.

- Strike up conversations with people – not in an over the top way, but a warm, friendly way.  You never know where that may lead.

Would it help to have an Accountability Buddy?  Someone who will check in with you on a weekly basis to see what progress you are making, who will give you a boot in the butt if you need it, and who will be your very own cheerleader.  If you don’t know anyone who can do this for you, I would be happy to help.  Just let me know.

This Virgo Full Moon also reminds us to appreciate all the folks in our lives who are our cheerleaders.  The parents/siblings/friends/relations/partners who have always been there for you, and who you may often take for granted.  Let them know how much you appreciate them and all that they have done for you.

Full Moons are the culmination of the past four weeks; completions before the energy starts to wane and we go inwards as we go towards the next New Moon.  Virgo the organiser gives us a push to do our Spring Cleaning on every level during this Full Moon.  This is the last month of Winter before Spring starts so it’s time to get ourselves organized and ready, as some of you are going to get very, very busy from March onwards.  Use the next few days to sift, sort, clean and organize yourself for success.

There is also a lot of healing energy around this Full Moon, so treat yourself to a session with a therapist or healer so that you can benefit and absorb the available healing energies of the planets at this time.  (I have slots available for March if you would like to book a session with me).

Go easy on yourself.  Please don’t give yourself such a hard time.
- How are you speaking to yourself?  Especially in your head. 
- How are you looking after yourself? 
- How do you speak about yourself to others?

The more you care about you, the more others will care about you too. And never forget that you are absolutely perfect – as you are – right now. Stop comparing yourself or thinking that you are not good enough, because you are! Loving yourself truly, madly, deeply that is all that you need to do.  As one astrologer recently said “I challenge you to open up and let supreme self acceptance in.”  Let yourself Be. Be your lovely, natural self, because that’s what people really love about you.

There may be some cloudy energy around this Full Moon, so I personally wouldn’t do any kind of ritual or spell work at this time.  Far better, to get on with the practical Spring Cleaning of house and home ready for the next Sabbat (Ostara/Spring Equinox).  And are you being a bit sloppy/slobby anywhere in your life?  Virgo nudges us to kick those habits to the kerb and tidy ourselves up on every level.  Allow some structure and order back into your life, use them as tools towards your success.

Also don’t make any major decisions during this Full Moon transit; there is too much cloud around, wait until the Spring when the energies will support all new endeavours.  You may need to rethink and possibly drop some of the dreams as you realise they are not your forte, instead put your energy into the ones that suit you best and are more you.  So many times I see clients wanting to be like other folks and pursuing what is really someone else’s dream.  Whilst it can be inspirational and motivating in the beginning to do this, in the end it does not have your energy imprint in it because it’s not your dream.  It doesn’t mean it can’t be successful, it can, however it won’t have longevity.  You are an original.  Stick to your own originality and go for it, as those are the dreams that really will come true.

Virgo is the sign of service.  Are you being of service to our world or are you still hiding?  Whilst Virgo is happy to tirelessly work away in the background helping, organizing and supporting, there are times when s/he needs to use these energies for himself/herself.  Is it time to take a look at how you can be of service?  I’m not talking about drudgery (which is often the image some folks have of the word ‘service’). I’m talking about bringing your passion to the world, what lights you up?  What do you absolutely LOVE doing?  Is there a way that you can do this that helps others and yourself? 

Virgo is very present moment, no flights of fancy or airy-fairyness, grounded Virgo energy keeps us focused on where we are right now at this very minute, and reminds us to make the most of every minute that we are blessed with.  Make each minute count in your life.  Do what brings you joy.

To know how this Full Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas ( :

ARIES / Aries rising
Monday’s full moon illuminates the work projects, work relationships and all the healthy/unhealthy habits that you began in the last 6 months. Which good intentions ended up having a not so great impact? Which work projects are coming to completion? What can you find a natural release of and what still needs a little finicky finessing? Sometimes we need to remember to leave well enough alone. Sometimes we have to learn the differences between last touches and turning a masterpiece into a mess. Sometimes we need to learn how to love all the ways in which imperfections add incalculable depth.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
 Be discerning. Monday’s full moon isn’t asking you to amass all the attention that you can divert your way. It’s asking you to honor the needs of your specific system and find what or whom fits with it. Look back on the last 6 months. What consciousness awareness has developed in you in regards to what and whom you love? What have you learned about your own personal law of attraction? What have you learned about your creativity, your children and what you tend to reproduce? Use what happens this week as clues as to what strategies, whether conscious or unconscious, bring you the results that resonate in all the right ways and which ones strike a chord the no longer sings sweetly to you.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Monday’s full moon finds its home at yours. It highlights the lessons that you have been learning here for the last 6 months. It reframes the way that you are approaching the issues associated with your personal life. The week also offers you a chance to be seen with a certain sheen. There could be an image of you or what you do that is projected out into the world. Something that helps you gain attention and traction for the efforts that you’ve made and the strides that still need to be taken. Heal your professional self-image. Refuse to compare yourself with anyone else in the working world. You have absolute permission to make up a career that has never been heard of before and that may never be done again. Believe me when I say this. The world is waiting with baited breath for the thing that you do in the way that only you can do it.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Signs, premonitions and omens want to offer you assistance if you have the ability to attune yourself to receiving them. If you have the desire to know. If you answer the call when it comes. If you keep your mind open, Monday’s full moon has stories a plenty for your inspiration and your future planning.  Step back and take note of all that has grown in your life. Step back and take note of what the cost has been. Is it worth the reward? What kind of initiation has putting yourself out there been? What have you learned about security and the stifling nature of playing it safe? Step back and see if your message needs an edit, a reframe or if you’ve worked it in a way that feels as ready as it’ll ever be. Balance between inspiration and integrating the facts. Balance your need to go beyond the realm of what you’ve known and your need to perfect what you’ve already learned. Balance discernment with encouragement and appreciate all that you have cultivated in and through all your communications.

LEO / Leo rising
Monday’s full moon highlights the aspects of your work life that’s proliferating profits. Not everything will be worth the effort. Not every bright idea is meant to grow into an empire. Not every ball can stay up in the air indefinitely.  Eventually all the big plans drop down into a reality where they need to be made manifest or are used to illustrate what we were not able to get going or did not, in the end, want or need to. What do you philosophically feel is now possible that wasn’t in your previous paradigm? What have the last 6 months taught you about the nature of growing yourself into the professional you want to be. How have these efforts positively effected your self-worth? Take the notion of dollars out of the deal and let’s just strip it down to this question: What skills do you posses that you have come to appreciate most? How has your own ability to value them increased your belief in them? How has appreciating this part of yourself allowed you to learn more about what you are actually capable of doing?

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Monday’s full moon is all yours. You can expect to experience the accumulation of recent successes. You will most likely notice the effects of your efforts. You will probably be noticed for all the seeds you’ve sown for your own self-determination in the past 6 months.  Take a look. What kind of spotlight spies you. Do you like what about you is being illuminated? Are you being noticed for what you want to work on more? Are you able to appreciate the part of yourself that is showing up? Are there ways that you can take what you’ve accomplished and now work on refining and distributing your message?  Notice who is around you, helping to cross pollinate and fertilize your full bloom. Notice who is working with you. Notice who helps to potentialize your vision. The next month is full of very interesting partnership options. You need them. They need you. But make sure your go-tos can get you where you want to, and need to, go.

LIBRA / Libra rising
You’ve got something to tend to behind the scenes. Something that’s calling you to take a break, indulge in the moment and pay attention to what’s in front of you. Get present. Get interested in your imagination. Get your inspiration game going strong. There is much that could distract you right now. There are a million ways to piss away the day. But we aren’t talking about wasting time. We are talking about exploring it. Space in, not out. Let yourself have a break, but really have it. Turn off the background noise. Turn off the static. Tune in to yourself. You have the right to be happy. You have the right to take a moment to feel that happy. You have a right to share that happy. Do so with the ones that are willing to receive it and reflect it. 

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
Monday’s full moon magnifies the folks that feel you. The folks that support you. The folks that share your hopes and dreams and schemes for the future. Monday’s moon wants you to call people. Gather with them. Celebrate them. Thank them. See them. Reflect on the growth that has transpired with them, because of them, in connection with them.  This week also carries with it the power to inspire great acts of creativity, acts of compassionate self-expression and a highly-sensitized aesthetic. It also has the ability to bring great feelings for others. They may be love feelings. They may be lust feelings. They may be deluded and derailing feelings. Check your facts when you are dealing with other humans. There is every reason to expect a weekend infused with heart-opening happenings. But there is also a need to slow down any assumption-making about the feelings such happenings have us making.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Monday’s full moon makes a scene in your 10th house of career. You get noticed for what you do. You get to feel the fertilization of your public role. You get to notice the cumulative effects of the work you’ve put in and the way it’s taking shape out there, on its own, like a free bird. This Monday’s moon shows you options about the part you play in creating the world anew. We can’t do everything, but we can do something. And some things. Really well.  Notice what kind of sanctuary your work creates for others. What kind of peace, love and justice can be made through you, with you and in you? What small, what detailed, what precise practice can you participate in that breaks you from the bonds of a corporate culture that sees profits over people? What kind of small acts might have a big, beautiful impact? What impact is your work having on your world that you want to keep distributing and who is there to help you proliferate the message?

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Monday’s full moon helps you see how much philosophical ground you’ve covered. The past six months have planted you squarely in front of some larger life lessons, ones that have opened up your world. Moved you around it. Spread your message to many that had not heard you and gotten you interested in being on the open road. Monday’s full moon speaks to you about what you want to teach. What you want to learn. Where you want to go. Monday’s full moon makes it easier to see the financial potential of what you are pondering. You’ve got some financial master sessions and good money lessons coming your way mid-week. Take notes. It might help you travel to the spots that you need to go to next. It might help to stimulate insight about new ways to work your bank account. It might help you feel like you can do something now that you never knew that you could do. That’s part of the lessons that you are learning now. You’ve got more going for you than you may know. Be open to advice and tips about your talents and how to work with them in ways that help you feel whole.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Monday’s full moon makes real the efforts that you’ve made towards collaborating with others in the past 6 months. Whatever faith in your projects that you have been able to experience will be magnified. Whatever partnerships really want to play will be brought to light. Whichever have staying power will be easily visible. Witness them. Monday’s full moon also makes real the fears you might have that up until now have laid dormant. Monday’s full moon brings recognition to all the progress you’ve made in dealing with the demons that haunt you. The problem is never that we have things in our life that we fear. The problems we bump up against have to do with not quite knowing how to deal.
The secret is to feel. Without judgement. Without pause. Without shame. Just letting ourselves acknowledge what is happening within us is enough to heal us.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Standing right in front of you this Monday morning, this moon is highlighting all of the hopeful and hopeless partners in your life.  Since last August, your 7th house of intimate partnerships has been a hotspot of growth and learning how to discern who is a hopeful hottie and who is not. This full moon is also incredibly important for all of those that you have intimate connections (romantic and business) with and all of the lessons learned about how you can come to understand more about yourself through partnership. Learning about intimacy is no small affair.  Relating can feel like a magical act as it requires that we be in many places at once. We are with ourselves and others. We dip in and out. We find the spaces in-between. We learn about ourselves by standing in the shoes of another. We learn about ourselves by offering others our shoes to try on for size. We heal when we can see, if only for a fraction of a moment, that we can be connected to one another and that that connection is a testament to all we have healed, all we will heal and all that we thought we never would heal.  This week brings you many opportunities to see yourself. Imagine all you are growing yourself into becoming. Take serious your visions for yourself and make the proper touchups and additions to the canvas of your new year.

To read your Sign in full, please visit Chani’s website (


Having a dream … Courage
Visualizing your dream … Persistence
Physically moving towards your dream … Guts
Letting go of the cursed hows … Wisdom
You were born to inspire
That oughta light a fire!

Thoughts become things … choose the good ones©


Today I breathe Light.
I surrender my heart and mind to the infinite blessings I'm meant to find.
I open myself to receive what's rich and fine and designed for me.
I'm willing...
I release the past, I embody qualities that sustain and last beyond simple dreams and old ideas.
Abundance is mine.
I say yes to it NOW. 

-- Lorrie Kazan (

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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Monday, 8 February 2016


New Moon in Aquarius


We have a New Moon in Aquarius:
UK                 8 February 14.39pm
EU       -           8 February 15.39pm
USA     -           8 February 09.39am
AUS     -           9 February 01.39am
NZ        -           9 February 15.38pm

AQUARIUS - I Know / I belong
        Artist: Josephine Wall
Aquarius represents truth, science, altruism, hope, ideals, inspiration, new ideas, associations, friendships/community, inventions, eccentricity, electronic media, computing, Astrology, anything unusual, New Age interests and Humanitarian pursuits.  The sign of the Visionary, Aquarius sees the bigger picture and takes action.  Freedom is important to Aquarius.  Aquarius rules the ankles, lower legs, circulatory system, veins, arteries (esp. hardening of), spasms and cramps.

 Other Energies and influences

Have you been dropping things?  Have things been flying out of cupboards at you?  Have you been tripping over something invisible? Have you been a bit clutzy lately? All are part of the incoming tricky energies of the Fire Monkey. (More on this further down).


Earth Sensitives in particular will have been experiencing physical symptoms in response to all that the Earth mother is going though at the moment.  High pitch ear tones alert us to the earthquakes happening around the world.

Aches and pains have increased especially in the legs and neck areas. 

Energy influxes, rather like solar flares, can affect our eyesight, making it a bit blurry for a few days (if this persists please get it checked out by a professional in case it is something else*). 

Heart palps for some as the body adjusts to this next massive energy adjustment. (Again if these persist, get them checked out*).

*Sometimes the planets help us by flagging up health issues that need attending to.  So please, if symptoms persist or you are worried about anything, get it checked out by a medical professional.

If you have been experiencing headaches, this can indicate a blockage in one of the chakras below the head, worth seeing a healer or doing some energy work yourself to clear this.

Drink plenty of water (if the weather is very cold, drink warm boiled water) this will help you to stay flexible and stop any cramps/aches and pains. 

Stay warm if you are in a cold climate, you may feel chillier than usual as you go through this process of adjustment.

Emotionally you may be feeling hypersensitive; avoid negative people and environments, ensure that you have your Solar Plexus shield charged up and your aura protection in place before you leave home every day (and don’t forget to do this at night too before sleep, to avoid astral interference during dreamtime).

Mind traps – beware of your mind drawing you into a negative spiral, when you are feeling low physically and/or emotionally, the mind can conjure up hundreds of miserable/negative scenarios.  Don’t let it.  Distract your mind by watching a movie that makes you feel good, listening to some upbeat music, do some cleaning or gardening or go for a walk.

Thankfully February’s energy is lot easier and kinder than January’s was.  Enjoy the ease of this month and use it to get yourself organized, as March is going to be very busy!

Chinese New Year
A few months before the change in Chinese New Year, I always attune to the incoming animal for guidance and to determine the type of energy we will be dealing with.  The past two years with Wood Horse and Wood Sheep, the energy was benign and gentle, yet this year every time I tried to attune to Monkey, I felt blocked as if it wouldn’t let me read it.  I sensed some mischievous energy with the potential for mayhem.  I tried several times and in the end decided I was better off leaving Monkey alone.  It was interesting then how I received confirmation about my impressions as I started to research Year of the Monkey in more depth.


Year of the Fire Monkey
Yang – Metal – Red – Fire - Monkey

What we can expect for the Fire Monkey year (Feb 2015-Feb 2016):

Moving Forward Energy – Change - Deception – Creativity – Opportunities - Solutions

The past couple of years were slow for some and annoying for others, and there seemed to be a lot of anger energy that was coming up for healing.  For many of us, the past couple of years were incredibly tiring and we often felt like we were wading through treacle or pushing a heavy load uphill.  Depression featured for many also. 

That is now changing.  Monkey energy is far more upbeat.  Monkey’s fire energy brings warmth, joy and happiness.  Monkey pushes us to be gutsy and go for it.  You must be brave and not let your fears derail you this year.  Success is possible for many this year if you stay strong and have the guts to go for what you want.  It is a good year for new businesses, as long as you have checked the small print and done your research.  We can all move forward in big steps/leaps this year and really reach for the sky.  It’s a year for being creative, inventive, innovative and bold.

According to some Feng Shui experts, this is the year for succeeding on your own.  Relying on others for your success could be disastrous, so be careful about whom you get involved with regarding business matters. 

The monkey loves to chat, so it could be a great year for socializing, debating and relating.  However, sensitive types may find some people a bit too full-on, also anger energy still abounds, so try not to waste your energy in getting wound-up by what really isn’t that important.  Save it for manifesting your own success and don’t let anything anyone says put you off.

It could be a passionate year, one thing is for certain, it won’t be boring and will be quite the rollercoaster! 

Moving Forward Energy
The past two years were about preparing and laying down plans for our dreams, the Fire Monkey year is all about actualising them.  So all those dreams you keep talking about now have to be manifested.  This requires grounded step-by-step progress that is always moving forward (whatever curveballs may come up).  At last the brakes are off and we can all move forward with our projects, dreams and goals.  We need to do our homework though, and check things out thoroughly to ensure that the wool is not pulled over our eyes.

There is unpredictable energy this year.  It could be a year when the sh*t hits the fan.  Changes you have been avoiding will now happen.  The changes you were thinking about will now actualize.  If you’ve had your head in the sand prepare to get your arse well and truly kicked.  In fact we could all be in for some wake up calls.
On a more positive note it could be the year of fortune for you.  Everything could change as quickly as the flipping of a coin.  Every change you make now will reap benefits for you, so ride those changes knowing that they are leading you to so much better.
Monkey isn’t afraid to change when change is needed, even if that change has come via a curveball.  Monkey will look at what has been presented in great detail, then work out what s/he needs to do and adapts/changes.  That is why Monkey is so successful.  Monkey is in fact a great ally, especially in business. You can apply Monkey’s technique for any of life’s problems that come up.


You may need a lot of smudge this year!

Beware of being conned this year.  There could be some smooth-talking folks who want you to get involved in something - trust your gut – do not take them at face value, do not believe everything they say or write, check them out in detail. 
This is especially true for those in the mind-body-spirit fields, there will be those who talk the talk very convincingly (and even seductively at times) – don’t be seduced.  There are those who seem super confident about themselves and what they are saying/selling – don’t fall for it they could be bluffing and you could lose out.  You may need to smudge a lot too this year to clear these types of energies.

A very encouraging year for starting something new, building something new or building on something you have started, for sharing your creativity with the world, being innovative and getting out there with it.  You will be able to move ahead this year at last.  Some may realise that they have had enough of their creativity being stifled and choose to leave the jobs that they are in.  Boldness leads to success.  Take charge of your creativity and enjoy it.  However, do check everything out and research – research – research before launching.

Health issues
Avoid sleeping in the North East if you can this year, as that is where the 5 Star Yellow affliction is (the illness star).  This is also applicable to homes that face North East.  Don’t get so busy that you get too distracted, as that is when accidents happen – this star is also known as the ‘bone breaker’.  Other areas of health to keep an eye on and be mindful of are; illnesses (which can become serious) – don’t ignore symptoms, get them checked out immediately.  Back and spinal injuries – be careful lifting and moving things. Heart problems – look after your beautiful heart.  This is the year for really sorting your health out, start those classes, get to the gym, do more walking, see those therapists, dance, cycle, swim.  If you want to enjoy your success then you need to be well enough to enjoy it.  Start right now.

Monkeys never miss an opportunity especially if it will help them to achieve their goals.  They know how to adapt when changes and curveballs present, and that is a great skill, especially in business.  Adaptability is key this year.  When opportunities present, don’t wait, go for it.  However, check the small print and check the people out thoroughly before signing anything.

The Monkey is a problem solver and brings energy to help you find solutions to your problems.  Focus 80% on the solution and only 20% on the problem.  Monkey will help you to find the clarity you need and to stay grounded so that you can make the right decisions. 
Monkey brings hope – and we could all do with a bit of that! Monkey looks objectively at a problem, to all the components of it, and works out how to sort it out.  Monkey takes time doing this and we must do the same.  When presented with a problem, get over the fear and panic as soon as possible (taking some Essences such as our ‘Fear Buster’ Essence can help with that, you can find it here:
Then apply your logical mind to working out all the different aspects of it, break it down, and then see what can be done. 
SOULutions – this is also a year for really getting in touch with your own Soul.  How do you express your Soul in the world?  How often do you feed your Soul with what it most needs? When you develop a stronger relationship with your Soul and allow your Soul to express itself, then you can trust your intuition and be Soul guided to solutions – soulutions.

Abundance for Women

The Wealth Water Star is highlighted for women this year.  The number 8 (a popular number for abundance in Feng Shui) is a lucky number this year and many good opportunities will present for women (just be careful about who you go into business with/collaborate with, don’t forget that there is trickery around, you will need to double and triple check everything).  Business-wise things will go well for women this year, new opportunities, increases in salary and abundance in all forms.  Family businesses will fare well also. 

Not a good year to get married, far better to wait until after Feb next year.

The Number 8

To make the most of the abundance blessings available this year, activate the eight in your life in as many ways as possible.  Make a cushion cover in purple with the number 8 appliqued on it (triple 8 would be even better) and place in the wealth area of your house/rooms.  Wearing jewellery in the shape of an eight – or triple eight – such as a necklace.  This is especially beneficial to women working in sales.  And as Monkey is the metal element, this would be perfect. 
BTW – each of our ‘Fire MONKEY’ spray mists has an 8 charm attached to it which you can use by attaching it to your wallet/purse or putting it on a chain to wear.

The key is to keep moving forward whatever happens, don’t allow yourself to become paralysed by what is happening.  It is also a solution-oriented year so you will find solutions to any problems or obstacles that may come up.  Others can help you with these solutions also, however, it is better to trust your own intuition in these matters and then once you have an idea of what you want to do, seek out those who can help you. 

Chinese Astrology

To find out how your animal sign will be affected, the lovely Bette Steflik has some good info:

NEW MOON in Aquarius

This New Moon is the moon of making wishes and for wishes coming true.  It is about group endeavours and fun with other people.  It is about deepening our connection with others (and re-connecting with those we may have been neglecting).  What is your capacity for happiness?  This Aquarian New Moon invites you to open yourself up to receive more happiness.  Recent events may have closed you down more than you realised, time to give yourself permission to be happy so that the Universe can bring you many reasons to be happy.  You are allowed to be happy you know!

This New Moon invites us to come out of hiding and be more sociable, perhaps it’s time to join a new group or start a new class where you can meet new people.  Aquarius is the sign of hope and helps us to reconnect with our dreams and aspirations.  The Age of Aquarius is about operating at a higher vibration and living in a higher vibration – not easy, with all that is going on in our world at the moment.  This Aquarius New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to believe in our dreams, to think BIG! be bold, be audacious, Aquarius knows that by tapping into the higher vibrations anything is possible.

So do all you can to keep your vibration high.  Create a new vision board for your big audacious dreams and goals.  Take Essences to keep you internally aligned and to keep your cells vibrating in a higher frequency
(If you want any help with choosing the right ones for you, just let me know and I will dowse for you, or see what jumps out at you from our Essences
Play nice music, buy some fresh flowers, wear some bright clothes, burn some uplifting incense or aromatherapy oils, sing, smile and indulge your inner hippy.

Aquarians are individuals; they have their own way of looking at the world and their own way of expressing themselves in the world including the way they dress.  This New Moon encourages us to drop all that has been weighing us down, to discard outdated images of ourselves and step into who we really are.  Have you been dressing to please someone else or because you thought you had to conform to be accepted?  This is exactly the type of thing that needs to be dropped right now.  You are unique; you have your own style that has been trying to get out for some time now.  My American friends have a great expression “flying your own freak flag”, and Aquarians certainly have no problem in doing that, they are totally unafraid of being themselves and don’t care what other people think.  We have all been given permission to be ourselves fully! So come out of the closet (figuratively and literally and clear that closest out) and make space for what is new, fabulous and totally your style.

Unhook yourself from unnecessary obligations and people; especially those that make your energy drop.  Only do and be with those that raise your energies. 

You are the butterfly emerging now in full glorious colour, it’s time for you to start living your life the way you want and with who you want.  Life is so very precious and so short, we are blessed to have the freedom to do this and I am so very grateful.  Make each day matter; start now to make the changes that you know must be made. 

Live bolder, brighter and happier!

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas ( )
Because of Chinese New Year, and to keep this Blog from being too long, I haven’t had space to cut and paste Chani’s info.  Go to her website to check out how this New Moon affects you.


Write your New Moon Wish List

Take an honest look at how you present yourself to the world

Make changes to yourself and your environment to reflect your individuality and creativity

Reconnect with family/friends you may have neglected recently

Join a new group/class/activity

Create a Vision Board of your big, bold dream

Buy yourself one item that represents the bold new you
(doesn’t have to be expensive, treasures can be found in charity/thrift stores)


Spray Mist

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Fire Monkey brings you energy and drive and helps you to move forward.

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Watch your back - deception and trickery abounds - don't rush into anything - check it all out first - This Spray Mist contains a special Essence combination which protects you and helps you to trust your intuition
This is a solution-oriented year, focusing more on solutions rather than problems - This lovely Spray Mist contains another of our special Essence combinations, which helps you to have clarity and vision that lead to solutions

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I welcome more happiness into my life

I welcome new friendships into my life

I welcome abundance of all kinds into my life

I am flying my own ‘Freak Flag’ and I am proud!

I keep my eye on my prize and I keep going

I take action every day in an organized way

I am doing whatever I want now

and I am happy, happy, happy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

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