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FULL MOON Blessings - November 2015

Full Moon in Gemini


We have a Full Moon in Gemini:
UK            25 November 22.44pm BST
EU     -        25 November 11.44pm CET
USA   -        25 November 18.44pm EST
AUS   -        26 November 09.44am AEDT
NZ     -        26 November 11.44am NZST

GEMINI  – I Think
The thinker of the zodiac.  The curiosity cat of the zodiac. The sign of the Twins.  The occasional Jekyll & Hyde aspects of their personality - one minute they are laughing and joking, the next they are throwing saucepans with a face like thunder!  As an Air sign, they work on the mental level; they are witty, highly intelligent and brilliant networkers (although their shadow can make them terrible gossips).  Gemini’s make things happen, they never sit around waiting for them to happen.  They need constant stimulation especially intellectually and get bored easily.  They are delightful flirts at times. They make great teachers, parents, storytellers/poets and inventors.  They love travelling and make good speakers. Sociable as well as academic they are interesting friends to have around.  You always learn something from a Gemini!


We are on the bridge between Autumn and Winter.  Whereas Autumn’s emotion was sadness/grief, Winter’s emotion is fear.  Recent events have made many fearful, and current planetary pressures also don’t help.  This really is a testing time for all of us.  We really need to focus on inner peace if we want to see this reflected outwardly in our world.  Don’t be fooled by governments using (and possibly implementing) recent events as an excuse to start yet another war.  Do we really want that?  Hasn’t there been enough death, injury and heartbreak over the past ten years or more?  Hasn’t there been enough money wasted on something so utterly destructive?  Wouldn’t that money be better spent on housing people and strengthening infrastructures like health and education?

Recently I have heard of many Souls crossing over, they are choosing to check out of this reality.  We always see an increase in those leaving the Earthplane in the build-up to the Solstices.

Some Souls are feeling battle-weary.  It can seem an overwhelming task to bring light when there is so much darkness playing out on the world stage.  We must focus on the light, we must focus on peace.  In your personal or group meditations, focus on sending peace to all the world leaders and see them enveloped in rose pink light.  Use the power of your groups to do this.  We have seen in previous years how effective this is, we know that it does work, now we just need to do it more often, more focused, more powerfully and more often.


This can be done standing or sitting.
Drink some water before you start.
Find a comfortable position.
Focus on your breathing, continual deep breathing, slowing everything down, calming everything down, into meditative breathing.

Hear the following words in your head:
“Peace to my left”
Radiate peace outwardly through your aura and body to the left.
“Peace to my right”
Repeat to the right.
“Peace in front of me”
Radiate out as far as you can go, further and further.
“Peace behind me”
A little trickier, radiate peace as far as you can behind you, and a little further.
“Peace above me”
Radiate peace above you, not just through your crown chakra but also your entire Being.
“Peace below me”
Repeat feeling the peace go through the floor, down into the Earth, and deep down into the molten centre of the Earth.
“Peace all around me”
Sit and radiate peace all around as far and as wide as you can go.
Enjoy sitting in this expanded Peace energy.

When you are ready to come back – release the Peace energy to wherever it needs to go.
Then draw your aura back in closer to your body.
Fold your chakras for safety (don’t close them), and do your aura shield.
Open your eyes when you are ready.
Drink more water and continue with your day.
You will feel amazingly peaceful after doing this.

May All Beings know Peace and may Peace prevail with Love as the key.

Copyright: E.Yule ©2015

Whatever is happening, try and find the humour in it, do your best to cheer others up and radiate your beautiful light wherever you go and to whomever you meet.  There is much need of it.

Other Astrology

Saturn/Neptune clash - from Yasmin Boland (
We are in the midst of a Saturn/Neptune clash. There is a sense that we need to 'get real' about things.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know As Saturn and Neptune Clash
By Kelly Surtees

1 – You can make a dream come true. The manifestation powers of Saturn can help you make a long held dream (Neptune) come true. Hard work might be required, but the results will be worth it. Be realistic, and pick one dream that really matters, and then focus all your energy and efforts towards make it a reality.

2 – If something ends now it really wasn’t meant to be. Saturn will help you commit to only those plans and projects that truly have staying power. Even if you’re disappointed, you will save time, energy and money in the long run by cutting your losses.

3 – This is the first in a series of three tense angles between Saturn and Neptune, which means this energy returns in June and September 2016. A decision you make or a dream you pursue now may not fully manifest until September 2016. As the first angle between Saturn and Neptune, November 2015 brings new awareness and insight into what needs to change or be updated in your life. You then get a second chance to refine your plan in June 2016 with completion or success likely around the final angle, in September 2016.

Saturn and Neptune are two planets who usually operate in entirely different realms. This means their clash, which is like a tense conversation, can help create connection between two parts of your life that are normally disconnected. While the process of creating links can be challenging, the end result is harmony and understanding between otherwise disconnected dreams.

Neptune helps soften and even remove some of Saturn’s fear or resistance. If you’ve been thinking about something but have been worried about letting go and making it happen, this angle can help you overcome that worry.

In turn, Saturn brings his real world skills to Neptune’s dreamy realm. This can help you practically assess some of your hopes and wishes, to create a dream list that’s actually within your power to create. Yes, along the way you might have to let go of some dreams, but if that’s the case, you’ll be letting go of something that was entirely impractical, unrealistic or not within your power to manifest.

Saturn clashing with Neptune can bring change but any square angle creates necessary change, or adjustments that help improve your life. Your willingness to be flexible and adapt to new information and changing circumstances will help you turn this clashing angle to your advantage.

Where Saturn’s clash with Neptune is affecting you

Each sign is affected differently by the clash between Saturn and Neptune. The areas of life this angle will influence are your personal topics around which to be realistic, reorganise and let go of anything that’s not working. 

According to your sign (your star sign or even better, your rising sign if you know it) here are the topics highlighted by Saturn and Neptune for you:

Aries or Aries Rising – plans for travel or a holiday, the need for regular down time, the power of rest + rejuvenation, and your spiritual life.

Taurus or Taurus Rising – finances, especially couple or family finances, investments, retirement planning and any debt or loans, taxes and friendships, networking and social commitments.

Gemini or Gemini Rising – relationships, especially personal and professional partnerships, as well as career dreams and life direction.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – health, wellness and work routines, adding a touch of spirituality into daily life, along with dreams of travel, time at the beach or heading overseas.

Leo or Gemini Rising – creative plans, dreams for children, the desire to live a more balanced life, along with topics to do with couple or family finances, taxes and planning for the future.

Virgo or Virgo Rising – plans to move, renovate or redecorate, family matters and issues to do with the past as well as dreams about relationships, both at work and in your personal life.

Libra or Libra Rising – daily life and general organisation, communication, study, teaching or writing dreams, health and wellbeing goals.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – income, cash flow and how to improve both, children, dreams around pursuing a creative hobby and creating better work/life balance.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – identity, appearance, personal hobbies and habits, as well as home and family dreams, including changes to your home, like a move, upgrade or new d├ęcor.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – the importance of rest and relaxation, as well as time to pursue things you’re interested in, for fun and learning. Working behind the scenes on something you love rather than being a slave to ambition.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – social and professional networking, group and community obligations, especially those that involve leadership, as well as your personal finances, like income, spending and saving rituals

Pisces or Pisces Rising – personal, spiritual and creative dreams, especially about living the life you want, along with professional passions and new career obligations. 

If you want to know more, astrologer Kelly Surtees e-Book is available from


Full Moons are completion, the culmination of the past four weeks, it’s a time for feasting, mating and debating.  A time when much comes to the surface; emotions ready to be released - letting go of all the fear and the negative emotions that fear triggers such as anger and hopelessness.  It’s a time for forgiving (and yes that includes those who carry out atrocities).  The Ho’oponopono technique is good for that, and a good one to use for clearing your own energies at the end of each day (and before doing any kind of meditation work).

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Repeat 3 times - the final time add:
Thank you

This is fantastic for instantly breaking karma.  It doesn’t have to be for anyone or anywhere in particular, however I have found over the years that holding a picture of a person/place in my mind’s eye helps me to direct the energy better.

As it’s a time for releasing, you may find that something or someone leaves your life.  It’s time for you and/or them to move on. 

Keep your protection in place during this Full Moon, people could be projecting left, right and centre because of the chaotic energies and you don’t want to be in the firing line.  It’s because they don’t understand what is happening and don’t know how to deal with it.  Don’t forget that this is a Gemini Full Moon, so there will be a lot of duality/opposites/extremes to contend with.

I’m not planning to do ceremony or ritual with this particular Full Moon, too much cr*p flying around and I personally, at this time, don’t have the energy to deal with it or want to deal with it.  I am opting for a quiet one, a chat between me and Grandmother Moon, and doing what I need to during dreamtime instead.

And be careful about imbibing alcohol during this transit, it could affect you more than usual.

Breathe during this Full Moon transit.  Whatever happens, stop – breathe and breathe again – before saying or doing anything.

We also have positive planetary support that will enable us to lighten up a bit, to stay focused on our dreams and to reach for the Stars. 

We are all works in progress doing the best we can, where we are right now.  We cannot allow anything or anyone to stop us from moving forward especially towards our dreams and goals.  Some folks feel guilty for wanting their dream to be fulfilled when so many are suffering in our world, and feel they shouldn’t proceed.  You must!  Your positivity and determination is based in light, and light is the only way forward.  If you love the idea of your dream then go for it.  Aim high.  Be positive.  Be love.  Love what you do, love who you do it with, be a Love Ambassador and keep the love vibe high, as this world really needs it.

When something happens ask yourself:  Is this loving?”  If not, then you know what to do.

artist: Christian Schloe

When we reach for the Stars we touch others with stardust. So use your ladder of love illuminated with the light of the moon, to reach for your Star and bring it back to Earth.  Carry your flowers of peace within you as you return ready to be the Star that you are here on Earth, manifesting your destiny.

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!
Elly x

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

NEW MOON Blessings! - November 2015

NEW MOON in Scorpio

We have a New Moon in Scorpio:
UK            11 November 17.47pm BST
EU     -        11 November 18.47pm
USA   -        11 November 12.47pm EST
AUS   -        12 November 4.47am AEDT
NZ     -        12 November 6.47am NZST

SCORPIO  – I Desire / I Protect

Super Scorpio this is a super New Moon especially for you!  If ever there was a time to write your Wishes List Scorpio it is with this amazing New Moon.

Scorpios are the great protectors of the zodiac. They are incredibly loyal and are powerful allies.  However, betray one at your peril, Scorpio will never, ever forget (higher level Scorps may forgive, but they will never forget). You cross their line one time too many and they will close the door on you for good. 
Scorpio is the only sign of the zodiac that can travel safely to the underworld and return unscathed, which is why they make good shamans/medicine women as they can travel between the worlds without lasting effects.  They are born to make magick and are master manifestors (unfortunately they doubt their ability more often than not). They have a laser-like vision that sees straight through to the truth, so don’t bother trying to lie to a Scorpio – ever! They are passionate about those they love, their work, anything and anyone that they are committed to.  They are highly sensitive and have an old knowing, and often find themselves studying religion/spirituality which triggers remembrances. They are a fixed sign so can be stubborn, to their own detriment! They like to be in charge and can come across as aloof or bossy sometimes, yet their heart is always in the right place.  
They are great teachers and leaders yet often prefer to be behind the scenes.  Well Scorpio, it’s time to come out of hiding, this New Moon is putting you on the world stage and in the spotlight.  Trust in your abilities, you can do this and you deserve this. Trust the Alchemist that you are to transform your life; it’s your time.  It really is now or never Scorpio!

SCORPIO is a water sign.  I’m a triple Scorp with lots of other water in my sign.  When the Moon phases get a bit intense I like to have a ritual bath.  I immerse myself in the warm, healing waters that wash away the old and cleanse me ready for the new.  
I use one of our Herbalicious Bath Balls, which are full of cleansing salts and relaxing herbs, Essences and oils. The pure muslin outer gently polishes my skin as the magickal Essences transform me. Bliss! Why not have a Bath Ritual on this New Moon yourself? 
You can find the Herbalicious Bath Balls here:

NEW MOON in Scorpio

The Phoenix is rising.  Scorpio is all about plunging the depths and emerging reborn.  It is a very shamanic sign in that most Scorps will have rebirthed themselves many times during a single lifetime.  They purge, let go, face endings and dive deep until they are ready to resurface, renewed and reborn. 

This New Moon is trined with Chiron, planet of the wounded healer, so there is a lot of healing energy available to us all during this transit.  Chiron shows us what needs healing and shaman Scorpio enables us to heal and move on.  Go see a practitioner, get some healing; it will help you to cope with anything that is going on.

This New Moon will bring clear illumination about what needs to change in yourself and your life.  It will shine on the areas that need healing and clearing, those that need to end etc.  All those little niggles; all the things you have been quietly ignoring are coming up for attention now.  Those decisions you have been putting off now have to be made.  Others may not like it, tough, this is about you and what you have to do now.  However, another shamanic ability of Scorpio is the ability to see the bigger picture, to see the other person’s point of view, to attempt to walk in their shoes for a while to better understand them.  Take others points of view into account before making final decisions, however, your decision must be right for you and no-one else.  Don’t say or do what you think others want, this is about you and what you want and need right now.  Scorpio is encouraging us all to rebirth ourselves into the greater vision of who we know, deep down, we really are. 

The higher aspect of Scorpio also reminds us to check our limits and boundaries and check that others are not taking advantage.   

Questions to ask yourself:

- What/who do I need to let go of?
- What/who do I need to get rid of?
- What/who has really run its course?
- What aspects of myself must die now?
- What aspects of my life must die now?
- What pain can I let go of now?
- What am I passionate about?
- What do I really want?
- What am I most afraid of?

(If you need help with any of these, contact me for a 1-2-1 session)

Do your best not to lash out or project on others; that is lower Scorpio and you are much better and a much higher vibration than that. It’s your own fear that makes you do it/want to do it.  Scorpios are built to endure pain and suffering, but sometimes they forget that it doesn’t always have to be like that.  It’s time to let go of all that heavy stuff now and step into the light.

Demand nothing of others.  It is not up to anyone else to make us happy or to make us feel loved.  That’s our job.  No more being victim, no more pity parties, it’s time to move on and get on with your fabulous life. (And yes, it can be fabulous, if you would just let it). Give that which you wish to receive.

Enjoy the rest of this month; it will be a lot smoother and more peaceful than recent months, so make the most of it.  Work with the season, where the energy is waning as we appreciate what we have harvested and now work towards building our reserves of energy to survive Winter, ready for sowing seeds next Spring.


Think about what you do want.
Don’t think about what you don’t want.
Talk about what you do want.
Don’t talk about what you don’t want.
Tell everyone about what you do want.
Tell no one about what you don’t want.
Make lists of the things that have worked.
Don’t talk about the things that do not work.

In other words, just get on a rampage of appreciation. If you find yourself trying to do that and unable to do that, then get off that topic altogether and get on to something else."
n  Abraham-Hicks
(My thanks to Yasmin Boland for reminding me about this awesome quote)

As well as a bathing ritual, don’t forget to write your New Moon Wish List (especially all you Scorps!). 
Always ask as if it has already arrived, i.e. “Thank you Universe for xxxxxxxxx.”
Have fun with it.

To know how this New Moon may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
What do you want to begin in partnership with another? What business is brewing? What clear steps are there to take that will move you closer towards getting some aspect of your career off the ground, beginning to build a new branch for your business or getting funding for your dream projects and passions?  Wednesday’s new moon is helping you on these practical levels. In fact if fundraising is your thing right now, it’s an important week to get in your submissions and get out your message about it.
If that isn’t what is working you to the bone at the moment then Wednesday’s new moon could be helping you to clear your mind and make a home there.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
Wednesday’s new moon happens in your 7th house of intimate partnerships and potentially long-lasting relationships. It is the best new moon that has occurred in this sector of your chart since 2011. It is a new moon that is free and clear, able to begin something without all the stalling, all the hardships and all the heaviness that has been in this area of your chart for the last few years.  Use Wednesday’s new moon to date, mate, make real a romance, make clear your desire to be in one or renew your love for those you are in important partnerships with. This could also be a potent time for your business relationships so see who wants to make a deal, what you are conjuring up together and what dealing you might do.

GEMINI / Gemini rising
Wednesday’s new moon wants to perform some healing magic and relieve or at least teach you about any health issues or physical ailments you have been experiencing. Harness the healing power of this new moon. Make a conscious decision to have a deeper connection to your most valuable machine, your best friend, your beautiful vehicle: your body.  This would be a wonderful week to connect to healers, teachers, therapists and medicine people of all kinds. Healing roads rarely run in straight lines. This week might help you to remember the mysterious nature of mending, which is rarely about actually fixing the problem.

CANCER / Cancer rising
Wednesday’s new moon activates the part of your chart where you fall in love, make love, make art, make babies, make a mess and make a life of creative gold. Wednesday’s new moon is occurring in the part of your chart that you just spent the last two and a half years trying to master. Wednesday’s new moon is like, “Look, this is what you created. This is what and whom you got serious about. This is what you were able to bring into form. Now it’s time to take that to the next level, but with a great ease and a great amount of help.”  Whatever you have been hard at work on, be it love or your creations, this new moon wants you to know that you can build on all of that heavy-lifting with a greater amount of ease, meaning whatever you begin this week in terms of love and creativity has a fairy godmother along for the ride.

LEO / Leo rising
Wednesday’s new moon is the first in years that is free from the heavy hitters that may have been halting your progress in these places. Wednesday’s new moon carries a new tone as it relates to this realm of your life, so much so that I suggest making the most of it.  Rework your home. Clean it out. Clear it of what doesn’t make you feel connected to yourself, to life or to love. Reorganize your book shelves to be color coded, alphabetized or categorized by subject and toss the ones that you know you no longer need to have hanging around. Clean the corners, under the fridge, dust the high shelves, fix the squeaky hinges and repot the plants that have grown too big for their bowls.

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Systems of inequity and oppression depend on our belief and our agreement that they know best. To wake up from that fog and push back against all odds is our daily duty, but it’s your specific duty for Wednesday’s new moon.  The new moon in Scorpio is happening in your 3rd house of communication. It’s the perfect time to cleanse your mind and realign with your internal, intellectually shrewd sources of strength. Nothing is more interesting, more captivating, or more uplifting than a sentiment that subverts a life-strangling truism. This new moon has the kind of energy that can kick start your consciousness and awaken your ideas. Ideas that have the ability to go places. Ideas that have their motor running with plenty of gas in the tank. Insightful ideas. Ideas that have sharp teeth and staying power.

LIBRA / Libra rising
Wednesday’s new moon blesses and activates your second house of making it rain so devote some time this week to the well-being of your financial plan so that there will be fiscal funtimes in your future. This week’s new moon is cushioned by multiple magical activations of your money making abilities so make sure that you don’t get caught up in thinking that you have to sell your integrity to make your mullah. This kind of astrology can push through what you thought was impossible or too hard to behold. It’s not. Believe in the visions you receive about how to partake in the economic playing field.  With Mars also entering your sign this week, making you more apt to create a little charismatic controversy and giving you some good energy to woe with, you my friend are set up for some sweet success. Make the most of it.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. Because of the New Moon. Because I know that life is still life and throwing you all kinds of curve balls but this week’s new moon in Scorpio is the best of the bunch and it’s happening for you, with you and all around you. This new moon is the beginning of some much-deserved access to abundance. This new moon is the beginning of seeing what you can and have done with the trials and tribulations of the past few years. This new moon I urge you to do ritual around ease, effortlessness and all parts of your life that are naturally free-flowing.  This week, before, during and after the new moon are also particularly potent times as you become the conduit for much of the astrology to flow through.  Your efforts now will take root and they will rise.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
Wednesday’s new moon invites you into a deep meditation. Forgetting one’s inner life, one’s spiritual life, one’s non-physical life can be a downer if not downright depressing. Going within isn’t always easy. That’s why the modern world focuses so heavily on the immediate (and fleeting) gratification of outer success. Wednesday’s new moon wants more for you though. Wednesday’s new moon is tempting you to rely more strongly on your powers of intuition and any modes of connection that keep you spiritually strong and psychically soaring.  This week’s new moon and surrounding astrology also wants to help you out. Look for secret donors, surprise hands that want to help and know that if you need something it is more than likely brewing behind the scenes, possibly in ways that won’t be revealed for a while.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Via Wednesday’s new moon, you have the extraordinary opportunity to stand with those that share your hopes and visions for a successful future as well as the opportunity to use your power to speak up for some healing that could happen. We are all channels for creative energy to flow through. We affect each other more than we realize most times. We encourage the best of one another sometimes by the smallest actions for better and worse.  Take your role in the collective seriously this week. Start things with the ones who want and are willing to work for the good of the whole. Gather with those that give you strength, that give you constructive feedback and that give you life when you need it most. You have access to strong allies. Work with them and show up for them.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Wednesday’s new moon is such a good situation for your career that I am tempted to tell you to take the day off. Not to lollygag, loaf or play hookie but to get clear and concise about the seeds of intention you wish to plant for this upcoming lunar cycle.  Because you are working with some fertile ground this time around.  This week’s astrology and this Wednesday’s new moon want you to take a leap of faith, to test out how your theories hold up in real time and to treat your dreams like they are indications of what you need to make definitive steps towards. Being bold can only help you now.

PISCES / Pisces rising
Wednesday’s new moon is here to open your horizons and help to set you out on a path of self-exploration and actualization.  While you’ll have to contend with a relationship issue or two, this week is really about gathering good insights and inspirations and sharing them with those you love. This week is about letting others help you. This week is about what you experience and how you come to relate to it and relay it. Ever witnessed an astounding, earth shatteringly beautiful moment befall someone who was blind to the brilliance of it? Don’t be that fool.  Be the fool who follows their heart. Be the fool who forgets the rules. Be the fool who falls in love because fools can. Let go. Give way. Set out for an adventure.

To read your Sign in full, visit Chani’s website.

This Scorpio New Moon invites us to come into alignment with ourselves and our lives.  For the inner and outer to match.  For living in truth.  For reflecting on who we truly are and what we really want for ourselves.  Scorpio will only tolerate what is real and what is truth, apply this to your own life and see it transformed.  It is about power, true power, inner power, the power to take control of our minds and emotions, the power to take control of our lives.

The key to get you through this phase is Courage.  There have been some hard bumps in the road this year and you have done well.  We are all far more courageous than we think we are.  Tap into this inner well of courage that never runs dry. Decide today to bring courage into all you say and do, and especially the decisions you are now making.  What are you really afraid of?  Believe me, your courage is far bigger, so trust it.  This Scorpio New Moon is encouraging you to believe in yourself, to thrive not just survive.  You may get flashes of inspiration, write them down or bursts of creativity, act upon them. 

New Moon Blessings y’all!

Elly x

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