Friday, 31 July 2015

FULL Blue MOON Blessings! 31 July 2015

Full Moon in Aquarius

UK            31 July 11.43am BST

We have our second Full Moon in a month.  Many are calling this a Blue Moon but some astrologers say this is not correct; that it is simply two Full Moons in a month, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a Blue Moon.  
Heck, I couldn’t care less, it’s amazing and if I want to wish on it I will!

And goodness what a build up to this Full Moon!  
Incredible dreams – you are writing them down aren’t you?  
Also unexpected challenges hit many of us.  
Immediately before the Full Moon many felt tired during the day yet found themselves unable to sleep as Grandmother’s silver light cast its magick.  Others felt lost as if without a rudder to steer them.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, stressed – please take it easy.  Be kind to yourself, withdraw your energy from helping everyone else and focus on you for a while.  This will enable you to recharge and integrate all that has been happening.    We are all going through powerful changes at the moment, all of which affect our subtle and physical energies.  These need to be recharged first before we can move forward again.  So if you’re feeling knackered – pay attention!

Keep asking yourself “How does this make me feel?”

AQUARIUS – I Know / I belong

Aquarius represents truth, science, altruism, hope, ideals, inspiration, new ideas, associations, friendships/community, inventions, eccentricity, electronic media, computing, Astrology, anything unusual, New Age interests and Humanitarian pursuits.  The sign of the Visionary, Aquarius sees the bigger picture and takes action.  Freedom is important to Aquarius.
Aquarius rules the ankles, lower legs, circulatory system, veins, arteries (esp. hardening of), spasms and cramps.
Ensure that you are drinking plenty of water, even when it is cold (have it warm or hot instead) and to avoid spasms and cramps ensure that you have enough magnesium in your diet (nuts and seeds, leafy green veg). You can also use magnesium body oil, or put Epsom salts in your bath.


Venus is now retrograde until mid September.  This means that we get space to take a good look at our relationships and our role within them. Does someone deserve a second chance? Or alternatively, those needing to close the door on a relationship will find it easier to do so now.  (Remember break-ups lead to break-throughs, endings lead to new beginnings). Venus retrograde is a not a good time to start a new relationship.
Venus retrograde also affects our relationship with money.  Someone may offer you help or money may come from an unexpected source.  Accept graciously and honour where it came from by using it responsibly.  And avoid the urge to splurge or large purchases whilst Venus is retrograde.
Venus retrograde asks us to grow up when it comes to love and money and to upgrade ourselves to a better relationship with both.
Avoid starting anything (or anyone) new until this retrograde is over.

Uranus (the planet of The Unexpected) turns retrograde 26 July.  Sudden changes may happen.  You may completely change your mind about something/someone/somewhere.  When these abrupt changes happen, don’t resist them.  You need to be free to move in a new direction – the right direction.  Tune in to Aquarius energy for help with this.  Uranus nudges us out of our ruts and into something bold and new.

Retrogrades always give us time to go back and finish something.
- Is there a creative project that you can pick up again and finish? 
- Have you been meaning to sort your finances out?
- Have you been thinking about leaving that person/group/etc?

The good news is that Saturn goes direct on 1st August (I can hear all my fellow Scorps whooping with delight!) However He is not moving forward yet, so in the last few weeks of His transit we are asked to finish what needs finishing. Before we can graduate from Saturn School we need to complete our ‘studies’. 
- What have you been procrastinating about? 
- What have you been ignoring hoping it will go away? 
These are the things you need to sort out and finish right now.

To help you move beyond procrastination our ‘DAY DREAM BELIEVER’ Spray Mist is just what you need.  It gets you off your butt and manifesting your dreams!

You can find it here:


Aquarius gives us permission to express ourselves as eccentrically as we like.  Aquarians are also good at following their intuition (how you doing with that lately?).  And are you still on track with your dreams/goals or has life got in the way?  Aquarius nudges us back on course. 

Use this Aquarian energy to boost your self-esteem and show the world who you really are.  The world needs you and your talents/gifts so get out there and show yourself off! 
BTW – the more confident you are about this the more likely you are to attract prosperity too during this transit. 
Effort is still required of us, the more effort we put in the more we will get back. (And that goes for every area of our lives).
Think bigger – do bigger – be bigger! 
And are you aware that when you do you are helping humanity? Taking your place encourages others to do the same.  Your skills/talents are needed to help not just your community, but all of humanity. It is also about the bigger picture.

Be open to Aquarius flashes of inspiration and act on them.  This is just the download you have been waiting for.

To know how it may affect you, here’s an insight for your Sun Sign by the wonderful Chani Nicolas (

ARIES / Aries rising
The full moon on Thursday night/Friday morning shines in your eleventh house of friends, good fortune and dance parties. Get out. Get mingling. Get to communicating what you have been cultivating and see who is up for the challenge. There are great opportunities for you to see who is helpful to team up with and who is not. Get to know possible candidates and offer up yourself as a possible collaborator.

TAURUS / Taurus rising
This full moon, with its magnifying qualities, shows you how much you have accomplished, how far you have come and how celebrating your success is important. Letting us celebrate you is too. 

GEMINI / Gemini rising
The full moon on Thursday night/Friday morning illuminates your ninth house of travel, exploration, education and your general outlook on life. You may be headed out on a vacation that will offer you a much-needed expansive experience. You might be headed out on an expedition that will teach you an extraordinary amount about you and your place in the world. You might be headed for some important dreamtime that illuminates core issues in ways that they have not yet been. You may just be feeling the romance of the open road and other wide-open spaces.

CANCER / Cancer rising
The full moon on Friday morning occurs in your eighth house of shared resources. It’s important to share in a way that both parties feel is fair. It’s important to negotiate what isn’t. It’s important to value the ways in which your partnerships bring in abundance. Show some love to those that help you make it happen.

LEO / Leo rising
The full moon on Friday morning blooms in your seventh house of intimate partnerships, highlighting all of the work, the wonder and the wtf that has occurred there lately. Venus retrograde shimmies back into Leo and your first house of identity. Saturn stations retrograde in your fourth house of foundations, parents and home. These are all foundational areas of your chart and your life. The work we do in these areas becomes the container for all else to flow into and out of. These are very energized places in the chart meaning when planets move into these places they make themselves known. Don’t let the heightened emotions of the week blur the deeper truth. Steer clear of being reactive and meditate on what comes up for you. 

VIRGO / Virgo rising
Perspective is everything and I suggest that you give yourself permission to step way back. We are talking wide lens, people. The full moon on Friday morning could bring a project or work situation to fruition, but If you are currently on summer vacay it may come in the form of an idea or a realization about how your efforts have culminated. Sometimes a break offers us a much needed, refreshed view of things.

LIBRA / Libra rising
The full moon on Friday morning highlights the area of your chart that deals with love affairs, romances and great gobs of creativity. It might be time for you to take that certain someone out on a date. It might be time to take your self out on one too. It’s definitely time to make a little room for pleasure, fun, art and enjoyment. It might mean that a certain issue arises here with a love interest. Remember, Venus is retrograde and wanting you to review how you are in relationships with everyone. Use what comes up as a meditation on how to grow in the areas of intimate exchanges.

SCORPIO / Scorpio rising
The full moon on Friday morning occurs in your fourth house of home, family, parents and your emotional foundations. This might be a good night to lay low. This might be a good time to deal with family issues that need your attention. This might be a good time to curl up on the couch and order take-out while you binge-watch a Netflix series. This is a perfect night to shut out the world and reconnect with the warmth, hearth and heart of your life.

SAGITTARIUS / Sagittarius rising
The full moon on Friday morning inspires you to speak loud and proud. If there was ever a time to be recognized for your communication efforts, this would be it. If there was a time to have your website seen, this would be it. If there was a time to have you words resound, this would be it. Speak about what you most want to be heard saying. Spread a message that you want to be known for creating. Find a way of communicating that illuminates your best qualities.

CAPRICORN / Capricorn rising
Thursday’s full moon sets off a ripple effect in your chart that calls into question how you are making money and the joint ventures that you are involved in, cultivating or creating in your mind’s eye. You are in a moment of serious growth and/or serious friction when it comes to what you are sharing, who you are collaborating with and what you want out of the deal.

AQUARIUS / Aquarius rising
Your relationships, both professional and intimate, are getting tested in ways that at first may seem difficult, but trust me, whomever sticks around over the next few weeks is worth their weight in gold. Literal and spiritual gold.

PISCES / Pisces rising
There is an edginess to your week. Like you are perched in-between your feelings and reacting to them. Habits and ways of coping are up for you to witness. Deeper emotions may also surface through the rhythmic motions of your daily chores and motions. Many of us get our best insights into our lives while brushing our teeth or unclogging the drain.

To read in full visit Chani’s website.


I am confident in my abilities
I am Mistress/Master of my life
I am organized
I finish what I start
I make good decisions
I am ready to show the true Me

Full Moon Blessings to y’all!
Elly xx

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Friday, 17 July 2015

NEW MOON Blessings - July 2015

New Moon in Cancer


We have a New Moon in Cancer:
UK            16 July 11.24am BST
EU     -        16 July 03.24am EDT
USA   -        15 July 09.24pm EDT
AUS   -        16 July 11.24am AEST
NZ     -        16 July 1.24pm NZT

Apologies for the delay in getting this out on time.  Heck you’d think Mercury was retrograde with the amount of trouble we have had with the internet these past few weeks!

CANCER – ‘I feel’

Cancerians are water signs who love their home. Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, they feel deeply.  Cancer represents feelings, nurturing, home, defense, patriotism, conservation, family, sensitivity, moodiness (when they are lovely they are lovely, when they are horrid they can be truly horrible!), introversion (when they feel attacked or upset they retreat into their shell and stay there until they are ready to come out), mothering, caring for others (many are healers/therapists), catering, property and home interiors. They love hobbies involving fantasy and imagination, as they are highly creative and very individual.  Cancerians are Moon Children (usually very psychic) and love to live near the sea, they are very sensitive to Moon cycles and tides especially Full Moon high tides.  They are fantastic company, usually very intelligent, they make great parents and are fun friends to have around.  They need freedom to express who they are and they like to do things their way.

Energy Update

Leading up to this New Moon lots of odd things were happening.  Many experienced strange sounds/noises especially in the home and strange things seem to be happening.

Noticing something out of the corner of your eye but not sure what it is.

The energies were very strange and everyone seemed to be exhausted during the dark nights of the Moon.  It is quite a relief when Grandmother Moon reappears bringing us Her light which we need more than we realise.


Saturn (the Task Master who pushes us to make an effort and work hard) is still in Scorpio and, thankfully, is in harmonious conjunction with this New Moon.  If you have made the changes Saturn required of you since He moved into Scorpio (2012) then you should finally see some rewards for your efforts.  Scorps take heart, He’s won’t be in Scorpio for much longer, until then He gives all of us (all signs) the support we need to succeed.

“Saturn asks us to slow down and appreciate the time and effort that it takes to accomplish something.”
– Chani Nicholas

Pluto (the Dark Lord) in Capricorn indicates the shifts and changes that must happen on a personal level as well as in our society and environment. 
What needs an overhaul in your life? 
How can you help bring about necessary change in your community and/or environment?

Mars (the planet of war) and Mercury (the planet of communication) oppose Pluto in Capricorn.
Be careful what you say! 
Think before you speak otherwise you may never be able to fix the fall-out. 

Venus is about to go retrograde soon; this may put pressure on relationships. And breathe ……….. 
Leave making big decisions regarding love, money, your creativity etc until August. 
Retrogrades always give us time to stop and think about these areas of our lives and to make adjustments and any changes that are needed.

You may need your big rainbow pants for this New Moon rainbow warrior, Cancer being a water sign means emotions being stirred up and many of our buttons being pressed.

NEW MOON in Cancer

This is a good day to be silent and have a mini-retreat for yourself. Meditation is well aspected for the next three days.  This New Moon encourages us to think about how we are feeling.  In order to know, we need peace and quiet in our minds so that we can tune into all the aspects of our Selves.  Stop the mind chatter and allow peace in. 
Several times a day ask yourself “How am I feeling?”

Cancer is also a sign known for its need to nurture, and it is inviting us to take more care of ourselves over the coming four weeks.  It is time to nurture ourselves more than we have been.  As Spiritual Beings we give out a lot of energy, much more than we realise, and this can leave us feeling depleted and depressed.  We work hard and push ourselves far too much which depletes us on the physical level. 
This month make a promise to yourself, to place self-nurture at the top of your list every single day.  Make that time for you. You will feel happier, content and more positive and that positivity will increase your attraction factor for all that you wish to attract in your life.  
Our ‘Herbalicious Bath Balls’ are a good start for self nurture - 
100% natural ingredients in recyclable packaging, read about them here:

As Cancer loves family, this coming month is a good opportunity to deepen your connection with your family and extended family.

Beware of those abusing power and stay well away from those who like to manipulate. Their behavior will be highlighted and you may be quite shocked at what you witness or overhear etc.  This aspect also invites us to take an honest look at where we manipulate others and where we abuse our power.  This is being highlighted so that it can be changed, it can no longer continue.  Heal these aspects within the Self and disconnect yourself from those who behave like this.

Cancer is the Moon Child of the zodiac and wants everyone to be happy, to be surrounded by love and cuddles, and nurtured.  This Moon Child reminds us that our inner child wants to feel this too. 
How much attention have you been giving your inner child?  
When was the last time you had play time and fun time?  
When was the last time you laughed as much as a child? 

This New Moon invites us to nurture our inner child.  All children need reassurance and Cancerians do especially, they need to feel validated and worthy.  This New Moon invites us to explore those areas where we do not feel worthy and to heal them.  Our Wise Wo/man self knows what to do. 

Stop sending mixed messages to yourself and others.  If you say you are going to do something then do it, if you want to improve your health/life/wealth/whatever then do it.  Stop procrastinating and stop sabotaging yourself with thoughts that you are not worthy enough to receive all the goodies you want. 

This New Moon is a new start to be more committed to yourself.  The planets will not allow any more excuses or distractions.  Control your mind and ego and commit to doing and being all that you know you can be.  Take small steps each day and stick to doing them each day and then you will soon see rapid improvement. 

Continually reassure your inner child that all is well, hug yourself as you would a child when you feel wobbly and tune into that wonderful inner Wise Wo/man and ask for their guidance.  You have everything you need within you, trust that. 

There is wonderful healing energy with this New Moon, open yourself to the healing that is available.  Do some Cleansing Rituals using water to cleanse your aura, body, your organs, your mind and your emotions.  Nothing too extreme, remember this is a time of nurturing not punishing.

I have become aware once more over the past couple of weeks, how swift Karma is these days and how we must be so careful what we say out loud.  Remember, the Universe believes every word you say, the Universe cannot differentiate between sarcasm and wishful ego projections, it believes everything you say.  So think before you speak, and if in doubt say nothing! Also be mindful regarding how you speak about others, gossip is an absolute no-no and lowers your vibration.  Our job is to raise the vibration not keep pulling it down to a lower 3D level.  Whilst we are being encouraged that honesty is the best policy, we need to be mindful when we deliver it.

This is a time of great transformation and change for all of us.  Be ready for sudden changes in your life, as what no longer fits will be removed.  This can make you feel wobbly, so take some Essences to support your emotions.  On the plus side this is making space for new people, things and events to come to you. This is exciting although a little nerve wracking at times. 
(If you need help in choosing which ones, contact me and I can dowse for you).

We are halfway through the Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram, how are you doing so far?  I have noticed that it is indeed a more sociable year, which has been lovely.  Here’s a reminder of other aspects:

Slow and steady progress with some fun along the way. 
- A more sociable year with new friendships and collaborations coming together, which will be lasting and exciting. 
- Friendship between relatives will deepen this year too and there may be many gatherings to attend.
- A Sheep year is a healing year.
- A Sheep year is a creative year.
(Full definition and information provided with each Wood SHEEP Spray Mist)

Vibrational Essences Spray Mist

This Spray Mist is a wonderful friend and ally to support you
right through until February 2016.

This delightful Spray Mist helps you to stay on track.  When things get a little rocky the Goat aspect will enable you to remain agile whatever the situation. Ram is your guardian this year and offers his power as and when needed, whether that’s to stop you butting heads or to help you to make a break-through.

This blend also includes our ‘Creativity’ essence as Sheep supports creative endeavours and encourages art and beauty.  As well as a selection of our Healing essences to help you heal the past so that you can make steady progress forward.

This Spray Mist will help you to fulfill your Soul’s purpose with confidence.

You can find it here: (at bottom of page)

Tips to get through the next month:

Work with water to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

Think before you speak – what breaks may not be fixable

Don’t take things personally – everyone is being challenged
   not just you

Sleep on that e-mail/text/message before you send it –
   when you wake up just delete it!

Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated – and don’t
   manipulate anyone else

Be aware of those abusing their power – do not allow
   yourself to be abused – take action by reporting them

Allow yourself more quiet time – invite more silence into
   your daily life

Nurture yourself every day – only then can you truly nurture

Nurture the Earth – lead by your example

Distance yourself from materialism and commercialism –
  use only what you need and ensure there is enough for
  generations to come.

Be patient with yourself – and others.

Be kind to yourself – and others.

Say Yes to the new.

And breathe …………

QUOTE / Affirmation
"I'm going to be happy.
I'm going to skip.
I'm going to be glad.
I'm going to smile a lot.
I'm going to be easy.
I'm going to count my blessings.
I'm going to look for reasons to feel good.
I'm going to dig up positive things from the past.
I'm going to look for positive things where I stand.
I'm going to look for positive things in the future.
It is my natural state to be a happy person.
It's natural for me to love and to laugh.
This is what is most natural for me.
I am a happy person!"
– Abraham-Hicks

New Moon Blessings to y’all!

Elly x

Copyright E. Yule ©2015 Worldwide Rights Reserved