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NEW MOON BLESSINGS and Kong Hee Faut Chay!


This seemed prevalent amongst Sensitives in the lead up to this New Moon - a soul weary exhaustion.  If you feel like this, then you must stop and rest and allow your physical body to catch up and integrate the energies that have been bombarding us lately.

Lack of integrity
This seemed to rear its head for many in the past couple of weeks, particularly during the Dark Nights of the Moon.  In fact some downright nasty stuff was going on, as the dark side of others was revealed to us, some of it quite shocking! It broadsided some Sensitives, as it seemed to come out of nowhere.  It is quite a slap in the face when someone you have helped in the past shows you no respect and acts without integrity, however, be grateful that this illumination has occurred.  You now know where you stand and where you no longer need to waste energy.
What a revealing time this is.  As we continue to clear clutter on every level, it seems the Universe is joining in and helping us to clear ourselves energetically of those whom we no longer need to think about, help or worry about.  That might seem harsh and unspiritual, however, many Sensitives have been drained by others in all kinds of ways for too long and now that is all stopping. You may not have even been aware that this person (or people) were draining you until it stops.
This second New Moon in Aquarius “can be a signal that there is a need for us to hit the reset button more than once in terms of visioning, friendships and associations, and personal goals. We get a second chance to intention set.” (From:

There has also been an increase in Earthquake activity. Earth Sensitives will have been aware of this (often signalled by hearing a high pitch tone in your ear/s). Mother Earth is shaking things up again.  More worryingly the fault line that triggered Fukushima is active again.

Very prophetic at the moment, so do write your dreams down as they will make sense further down the line.

New Moon Rituals
As well as writing your New Moon Wish List, this moon is perfect for taking a Ritual Bath.
Use Epsom Salts (salt is great for cleansing negative energy), several tablespoonfuls – sprinkle some Lavender oil on them and then add to bath water. Before you step into the bath, set your intention and send your prayer out for cleansing and for your energies to be restored to you. Immerse yourself in the cleansing, fragrant energy and allow the water spirits to cleanse and soothe you.   (Epsom salts also help you to detox in a gentle way). You will feel very relaxed afterwards, so it’s a good idea to do this Ritual Bath before bedtime. Sweet dreams!

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The planets continue to help us on our sacred pathways by helping us to sift, sort, forgive and let go. 

We have a rare New Moon in Aquarius – this is the second New Moon in Aquarius and is the second Supermoon of the year and therefore very powerful. 

The New Moon then almost immediately moves into Pisces and those who are Water signs (or have a lot of water in their chart) will feel this more acutely.

PISCES – ‘I believe’
Pisces is a water sign and represents compassion, imagination, faith, mysticism, intuition, escapism, dissolution, chaos, spirituality, deception, delusion, martyrdom, sacrifice, religion, caring professions, creativity, art, acting, anything connected to water i.e. the Sea.

Pisces are not wishy-washy water signs, far from it. Their gregarious, welcoming, fun side hides a steel interior.  A Pisces woman usually gets what she wants - and it can be a bit rough on others whilst she’s getting it. Very generous Pisces can often be disappointed when the emotional investment they have put into others doesn’t pay off or is not reciprocated (that’s when they can fall into the martyrdom role).  They are generous, loyal friends and hard workers.  Blessed with natural intuition and psychic abilities, many become mediums or go into the spiritual arts.  Their shadow side can trip them up however, as they can delude themselves with the stories they weave and they expect everyone else to believe them.  Their shadow side can tempt them to use their psychic abilities for their own ego needs rather than the greater good. Pisces is the one sign of the zodiac more likely to develop addictions than any other.  However, they are very strong and need to remain on the side of light in order to truly manifest their greatness in this world.  They are powerful people who can bring about change in this world, they are natural leaders and teachers and fantastic at inspiring others. They are great networkers and organizers and always good to have on your team.

Aquarius reminds us to celebrate our uniqueness, to be original, to stride out on our own and leave the herd behind.  Aquarians are usually quite quirky and encourage us to be the same, to unearth our quirkiness, to celebrate it and share it with the world - it sure makes the world a more interesting place!  By stepping into your uniqueness fearlessly, you give others permission to do the same. This will have a greater effect on world change than anything else. If we all make a stand for uniqueness, originality and creativity, then only positive change can happen.  And what a wonderful example we set for the children following after us, to create a world where it is safe to be different, to truly be yourself.  So do something new, be innovative and have fun.

For those who have been working with the recent energies, you can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.  You are receiving clarity about who and how you want to be in the world.  Others are on the periphery of receiving this clarity, yet can feel the change inside and feel excited knowing that something new is about to be born within themselves.  In fact we are all being given a chance to rise again this year, fully empowered and unique, and life will just get better as we dive deep into our creativity and uniqueness.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, it doesn’t matter if anyone else is doing the same kind of things you want to do, they are not you, they do not have your energy, they have a different vibration.  There is enough room for all of us, so there is no need to worry.  Learn your craft well and thoroughly and you will have a solid foundation to build from.  If you get butterflies just thinking about what you are daring to do, then you are on the right track.  That scary, fluttery feeling is your personal indicator that you are about to leap off the cliff only this time, you are happy about it!

Pisces energy makes us dreamy and heightens our intuitive and psychic faculties. Dreamtime should become more active and prophetic also.  (Make a note of those dreams, as you will be given important information during this transit).  If you find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed, do something grounding like gardening or going for a long walk in Nature, eat root vegetables and lots of green veg. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for healing with this New Moon. Particularly healing the past and heavy burdens.  It’s time to release this bondage from your cells so that you can feel freer and more like the Light Being that you truly are.

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We have a fantastic essence ‘Solstice Sunrise’ that helps to clear cellular impacted trauma from the cells.
You can find it here (page in alphabetical order, scroll down).

Uranus and Jupiter continue to give us great blessings of luck and opportunity. So don’t lose heart, this is a much luckier year than recent years, any rocky patches are opportunities to forgive, heal and release ensuring that our path ahead is as clear as possible.  It really is a time to let go of all that heavy cr*p that has been weighing you down. Let go of them/it/whatever, you don’t need to drag that into your future any more.  Many folks are still into major clutter clearing and now that Mercury is moving forward again, we have another burst of energy to help us continue to do this, on all levels. It’s time to make your plans work for those dreams and goals you have been thinking about since the New Year.  We are supported in our endeavours, and this year it is definitely possible to make our dreams a reality. (As long as you have a plan and take action guided by your intuition).

They also invite us to lighten up.  This actually is an easier year and you can achieve much if you choose to focus on joy rather than misery, fun rather than fear and awesomeness rather than apathy. So what are you going to choose?


And it’s Chinese New Year, the year of the Wood Sheep (aka Year of the Ram/Goat and year of the Green Sheep).

In Chinese Astrology, the Sheep is considered the most spiritual of animals and is especially associated with the Earth.  Wood is the dominant element for this year. 
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the element that you most need to look after is water, i.e. the Kidneys. You will need to nourish these in 2015, reduce stress and stay away from stressful people/situations this year, sleep well, eat well (adding warming spices to foods will be beneficial, as is eating licorice – the healthy organic kind not the sweet candy kind!).  Avoid detox regimes this year, as this will adversely affect the liver. 
This is a Yin year which means you will need to regularly ground yourself (as mentioned in my previous posts), rest well, and meditate more as it is a year for inner work. 
Sheep are followers more than leaders, so there won’t be dramatic leaps forward, more steady progress with everything moving forward. 

At last a year that will make us all feel a little more comfortable! Sheep cannot go backwards or sideways, they can only go forwards. Therefore in the Year of the Sheep we will all be able to move forwards now.  Slow and steady progress with some fun along the way.  This will be a more sociable year with new friendships and collaborations coming together, which will be lasting and exciting.  Existing friendships and collaborations will deepen, as you go into the next phase of your relationships (be that personal, romantic or business).  Friendship between relatives will deepen this year too and there may be many gatherings to attend.

A Sheep year is a healing year (particularly after the stresses of recent years), and further confirms what I said in an earlier post, that this is the Year of Self Care, the year of looking after ourselves – FIRST – before anyone or anything else. (How well are you doing with that btw?). By healing ourselves and looking after ourselves, we feel stronger and less vulnerable. We are willing to open ourselves to new relationships and friendships without fear, this time we feel strong in the way that we decide to care for others, we are more mature and more accepting now.

Sheep also confirms what was said in previous posts about this being a Creative year. Sheep supports creative endeavours.  A Sheep year is the year to express art and beauty, to indulge in being a Culture Vulture.

The Goat aspect of this year reminds us that goats are incredibly agile in difficult circumstances. Goat brings us the ability to remain agile in whatever situation we find ourselves. Goats are determined critters and help us to keep going whatever the odds.

The Ram part reminds us not to butt heads, or to bang our heads against a brick wall.  Ram reminds us that sometimes it is better to walk away with our dignity intact.  Ram also comes to us as a guardian totem and will offer his power as and when you need it.  (Sometimes it takes a battering ram to break through someone or something tough).

The year of the Sheep is the preparation year for 2016, which will be a Yang fire energy year and completely different to this one.  So follow Sheep’s guidance for this year, as it will help you to build a strong physical and spiritual foundation for the years ahead.


To welcome prosperity for the year ahead; gently roll 8, 9 or 10 oranges through your front door, (they represent gold rolling into your home), then place them in a beautiful bowl in the centre of the home.

To maintain wealth during the year ahead; always ensure that your kitchen is spotless, especially your cooker (it represents abundance as it always provides).

And clean your drains regularly.  It is essential that anything not required is able to leave your property easily. (It corresponds to the bowel in physical terms).  Smelly drains are festering negative energy, which brings bad chi to your home.

Until next time, enjoy – enjoy – enjoy!

Elly xx

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

FULL MOON Blessings! - January 2015

It’s Party time – celebrate!

The current Energies

Physical aches and pains intensified leading up to this Full Moon (and it wasn’t because of the cold weather on this side of the pond), as the Moon increased so did the aches! Many of us have been clearing at a deep level since the start of the year.  It seems the more we clear clutter from our home/office/gardens, the more pain we experienced. 
A huge letting go has been happening. It is as if we are feeling Mother Earth’s pain.  Headaches, jaw ache, pain in strange places like parts of the hands and finger and feet/toes, upset digestive system, backache (always a sign of something old/from the past shifting).  It’s the toxins leaving our system on all levels.  Drink plenty of water to help this process. 
This is a time of massive detox in all areas of our lives as well as in ourselves, this includes the emotional, mental and spiritual levels not just on the physical level.  Many continue to clear clutter from their homes and lives as the need to allow new energy in, and to allow Chi to flow unhindered in and around us becomes more and more important.

We have just celebrated Imbolc and the Goddess Bridget.  Imbolc intensified the energies of this wondrous Full Moon.  Brigit’s element is Fire, so this Full Moon is perfect for honoring Her. Her energy is very strong this year; She has come with Her strength to encourage us all. 

I have noticed a quiet, deep surge and increase in creativity touching us all.  Bridget has made her presence known more powerfully this year in order to support our creative endeavours.  A Revolution has begun and it is a creative one. More art, more music, more poetry, more crafts, more dance, more healing, Fill your life with what is beautiful, focus on beauty and creativity. This quiet revolution of creativity is what will change our world. By raising the vibration through creative works, we transform all who witness our offerings.  We have Brigid’s support.  So go for it.

Walk your Talk and Talk your Walk.

Those who have been on the pathway for many years have acquired a lot of knowledge, but are you putting it into practice in your life?  Every day?  It’s all very well talking about it; you need to actually do it.  It really is time to live it fully, to truly Walk your Talk.

Re: Talking your Walk. 

If you want abundance in your life, then speak as though you are already abundant.  If you want love in your life, then be loving and speak lovingly to yourself and everyone you come into contact with. If you want good health, then speak well of yourself and others, focus only on wellness and how right everything is (rather than on what may be wrong).  Express gratitude for all that you already have right now in your life.  Be excited and grateful for all that is coming to you, that is on its way right now. 

Your words control your life; they are your thoughts in action and together (your thoughts and words) produce the results that you are experiencing right now in your life.
I am not suggesting that you deny feeling down/disappointed etc the next time it happens. You are invited to dive deep into that until the reason for why it manifested becomes clear. If you feel out of sorts, acknowledge it and honour it, go about your day and soon you will be feeling different.   This way you move through the feeling/emotion more quickly. 
However, don’t let wallowing become a habit, as that will sabotage your success. You need to give yourself a kick in the butt and start changing your thinking, affirmations are always good for this or writing a list of 20 things you are grateful for in your life.
Always go for the best feeling possible.  Why wallow in cr*p when you could be out there in the Sun?  And talking of the Sun, we have the most wonderful, auspicious Full Moon in Leo happening right now.

Other Astro news

Venus is very active during the month of February, so this bodes well for love and abundance matters.

Mercury retrograde ends and all should be back to normal just before Chinese New Year, around the 18th February. 


LEO – Fire sign. The Lover and charmer of the zodiac - could charm the birds off the trees (and male Leos are very good at charming women).  They excel in the Arts especially acting and performing as they are not shy of the spotlight, in fact they love being the centre of attention and having an adoring audience.  Leos are wonderful to have as a friend, fun and sociable and very loving. Good at working with children and young people as they understand them. Leos seek fame and their arrogance can take them a long way, but it can also trip them up at times. They can also be lazy, wanting everyone else to wait on them. They are strong willed and very good at manipulating people in such a subtle way that folks don’t even realise how their strings have been pulled! They express themselves boldly in the world and are fearless when they are aiming for what they want. They always brighten a place up with their cheerful energy and are great to have around.

The Full Moon in Leo invites us to lighten up and celebrate ourselves. It is the party moon. After the tough start to the year there are no negative aspects to this Full Moon, so get out there and celebrate yourself with your loved ones. Full Moons are about feasting, mating and debating, so enjoy yourselves!

Leo the Lion brings us the gift of courage to be who we are, to show ourselves off a bit, to share our creativity with the world, to be our own shop front and promote ourselves with joy and fun.  Leo brings us the energy of the Sun (it’s ruler) and fills us with radiant courage giving us the energy and motivation to show ourselves more in the world.  This makes us feel confident about the future and ready to take the rest of the year on.

If you are still feeling uncertain about the way forward, spend some time tonight Moon gazing and open up your Third Eye so that you can receive downloads from Grandmother Moon.  Leo through the Moon, will bring you the radiant illumination that you are seeking.

Leo invites us to step into the next adventure, even if we are not sure what that is, and gives us the courage to deal with whatever will come up on the journey.  Leo the Lion has a heart full of courage, a strong heart, and you are encouraged to be strong hearted and just get out there.  Leo says it’s time to cut the ties that bind and focus on yourself and your ambitions.  Be confident, fake it if you have to, until confidence becomes more natural for you.

Light fires and candles to celebrate this Full Moon and draw in the power of the flames to fan your own internal creative fire, your Soul fire.  Many have been feeling depleted, so it is time to stoke the fires within so that we can shine brightly in this world. 

We have a wonderful spray mist called ‘Soul Fire’ that can help you with this.

Spray mist

This spray mist ignites your Soul Fire from within.
It helps you to transmute this through all of your subtle bodies and physical Being.  It will help you to remain grounded during a time that can initially make you feel very spacey due to the cosmic electricity that will be vibrating through you.

Your Soul Fire is re-activated when you are excited about your life and goals once more.  We are being invited to fully embody our Soul Fire energy and share it with the world.  The time for hiding away is over.  If you have been feeling stuck, this spray mist will help you to get going again.  If you are a water sign and you have been feeling washed out for ages, things will now start to change for you.  This spray mist will help water signs especially to cope with the fire energy.  (This also applies to those who have water anywhere in their chart).

It is also recommended that you use this spray mist in your home environment, it will help everyone else living there – including your pets – to cope with the strange new energies that have arrived.  If you live on your own, use it to keep your entire personal space grounded and attuned to the Soul Fire energies.

(Page in alphabetical order, scroll down to ‘Soul Fire’)

This Full Moon will bring to the surface all those burning desires that have been bubbling away for a while.  You will feel your creative muse calling you loudly.  It is time to allow your creative/artistic self to shine in this world – because the world needs you and your art very much.

So forget about all the negative stuff, stay away from other people’s dramas and revel instead in the joyful, playful, shining Leo Full Moon energy.  Take your beloved out for a meal, flirt and play with each other, have a private party or throw an impromptu house party and invite all those you love to come and share in all of this lovely warm, happy energy.

This Leo Full Moon brings the energy of positive change into our lives. By being courageous and stepping fearlessly onto the new pathways now opening up for us, we will make wonderful new friendships and alliances. In fact the energy of positive change will go right through our lives as we start new health regimes, new financial regimes, new regimes in our homes and daily routines – it’s time for a change in every area. I saw this quote, which perfectly sums up this Blog post:

The Leo Full Moon is saying, "Don't wait to celebrate. Live as if you have what you want. Then you will be a vibrational match for your heart's desire."

This Full Moon gives us hope and the energy for the year ahead, so make the most of it.

Have a fabulous Full Moon celebration y’all!

Many Blessings

Elly xx

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