Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Well what a busy time everyone is having at the moment. After months and months of trying only to be pulled back, we certainly got the green light to go - in a big way. In fact some are so busy they are feeling that life is a little too chaotic and uncontrollable (especially those who in astrology are fixed signs). Hang on in there, all will steady out soon. Most of it is good, right? So enjoy it while this wonderful busy wave lasts. Everything has a cycle, and soon there will be a lull or dip in the wave, and everything will go flat and coast for a while until the next big wave builds up. So enjoy it, do what you can when you can and all will be well. (If you are worried about missing important details, call upon Mouse as a totem, put a little ornament or picture of it on your desk or somewhere you will see it every day. Mouse has helped me so many times like this, it really works!).

Whilst the coming month may be challenging, opportunities are there for those with their eyes and ears open. There is planetary and Universal support for new beginnings. All these months of planning and the hard work are finally going to pay off. Everything is going to come together now for you (if you stay on track and do not allow yourselves to be distracted). By manifesting your dream, you are helping the greater Dream; you are helping to turn the potential nightmare into a wonderful dream that can come true. Success is yours if you are willing to allow it in. Abundance is possible despite what the media might be saying, so do not allow yourselves to worry.

You will still be on your healing journey and still have stuff to clear; however, you are operating through Higher Love now for yourself and others, and are much better able to deal with what comes up. Always choose the high road and do not allow yourself to be dragged down to the lower road. This might be difficult at times this coming month, but breathe, protect yourself with light; send love and all will be well.

Work with sound, use your Tibetan bowls and/or Tingshas (or tuning forks) up and down your body to help your vibration to remain high (this will help any organs feeling depleted too). If you are shamanic, use your healing rattles at least once a week to rattle out any negative energy and balance your aura. Use your voice to sound different tones (some correspond to the chakras) and send your own tone out to the Universe. This will strengthen your throat chakra and increase your self confidence. Notice what sounds are coming through the overtones that reverberate back to you.

There have been health issues for so many folks especially Lightworkers, I have lost count of how many I have heard from over the past month.
I recently had a series of blood tests (part of my annual ‘M.O.T.’) and was alarmed at what the doctor said. Mysteriously, the hereditary disease I have and my osteoporosis have both miraculously vanished and have not shown up in the tests. That set my alarm bells ringing. I went home and told my husband that I did not trust these results and that we need to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. One of the repeat results has been a little concerning, and so I decided to consult an alternative practitioner to double check the results and to prevent this particular issue getting any worse. Despite my blood tests showing that my thyroid was perfectly okay, my session with the practitioner confirmed that it was in fact worryingly low, when I received treatment on it I have to say that I felt better than I have done in twenty years! This proved to me again, that we need to look after ourselves and invest in our own healthcare.

Healers and Therapists especially need to take heed right now. Please don’t keep overriding the messages your body is giving you. It is essential that you stay well as you are going to be very busy next year and beyond. You will need to be strong in order to help those who will come to you. Building your physical (and inner) strength will ensure that you will not be depleted by those you help in the future. The eclipses have triggered this wake-up call for many of us.
Many of you working in the caring professions and healing arts give so much, it is important that you get healing help regularly too.

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

That last Eclipse knocked many of us for six and we were feeling wiped out for a good couple of weeks. Now you should be feeling your energy returning. For many of us we went from one extreme (unable to do anything) to the other (as if we are on energizer batteries!) Pace yourselves, as the peaks are very high but the troughs could leave you feeling a bit burned out.
Disturbed sleep – I have heard from so many folks who are tired from disturbed sleep. They have been waking up several times in the night and have found it very difficult to get back to sleep. This has happened to myself and my hubby too. I wish I could explain it, but I am not sure what is causing it. Keep your ‘Sleep Easy’ essence handy and mix some ‘Ascension Support’ essence into it, I have been doing this for both of us and we have finally started sleeping better.

Dizziness and nausea
Came back with a vengeance and continues as there has been a massive increase in earthquakes over the past few weeks and continues. There have been oil spills and gas leaks continually in different parts of our world, complicated by the toxic chemicals they are using in these areas to try and disperse the oil which have been making lots of people in these areas sick. There have been floods, fires and hundreds of children in Peru have died due to the extreme cold there in the mountain villages. Because we are all connected, we are affected by these events. All of this destabilises everyone. Earth Sensitives feel it more acutely. You must rest when you feel this coming on, you know by now that it soon passes.

Weight Issues
At last many are noticing the excess weight coming off as we now feel safe to take the next steps forward. The recent Eclipses also jolted many into changing their lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Powerful dreams. Some very sci-fi futuristic. Some prophetic. Others helping us to do some good old fashioned psyche sorting. Some with very clear messages. Take a look through your dream journal from this time last year and see if you get any aha moments – I sure did!

Aches and pains
Teeth problems continue for some, do get yourselves checked out as tooth infections can debilitate your system very quickly.

Small pains in the hands and feet as the energy moves through our meridian system. (Earth sensitives – these are also earthquake symptoms).

Lower back pain continues for some, especially those who have been worrying about money.
Hip pain continues for some, as well as being to do with stuck emotions, it is also to do with moving forward.
Knees – have also been painful for some, the knees take so much weight, so many burdens. Have you been taking on too much lately? Well stop, before you are literally brought to your knees.

Crown chakra – oh boy, have our crown chakras received a huge blast of energy lately! You may find your fontanel is still feeling a bit tender. This is wonderful but can also make you feel a bit dizzy and headachy.
Heart – more layers of the heart needing healing. Old heart wounds from the past coming up so that you can finally let go. Our heart chakras are on overdrive at the moment with all that is going on. Gently massage in some St. John’s Wort oil to help it relax or treat it to some beautiful Rose essential oil, one drop is all you need.
Hand chakras and feet chakras slightly tender and itchy sometimes. You may also have felt prickly electrical type energy travelling along the bones of the fingers and your knuckles may have felt achy.

Letting go
There is still so much of this going on, and it is never easy. Many continue to leave the planet as they have completed what they need to do here. You may have to let go of people you have known for many years as you have moved on and they haven’t. This happened to me recently with some people I have known for nearly twenty years and whom I am very fond of. It always saddens me, as I am a very loyal creature. I know that each painful letting go creates space for something better to come in.

Limits & boundaries
Yes that lil ol’ lesson has come around again for many of us, even the very experienced amongst you will be surprised that this old chestnut has lifted its head again. The thing is, this lesson creeps up on you, because you have been so busy that you haven’t noticed (or have chosen to ignore) what has been happening. Have a good think right now. Have people been taking advantage of your generosity? Have they been stealing your time? Do they appreciate you for all you that have been doing? Have you received anything in return for all that you have given lately? Have they respected the fact that you are busy too? Do people call you to share good times as well as bad times? When they call you, do they ask about what is going on for you/your life or do they just talk about themselves all the time? Have you been saying yes when you really wanted to say no?
It is an important lesson, because if you have been feeling very drained by some people lately, this is the reason why. It is time to weed out the time wasters, the doom & gloom merchants and the downright selfish ‘upthemselves’ and time to start saying no. It is time to reboot your self respect back to its full wattage and to respect your time and energy enough that you will not allow anyone to steal them from you again. Don’t worry, they’ll survive without you, these types of people always have others to hook into and drain. (BTW – it will also come from those you least expect it to).
For those you do feel a little concerned about, wean them off you, don’t see or speak to them so much (explain that you are very busy at the moment – which you are), if they do catch you out on the ‘phone, look at your watch and after five minutes apologise and say you have to go as you are expecting someone any minute/another call/have to go out/whatever.

Because you have moved on so much, and are moving forward with your life, you need to ensure that you are protecting yourself, your environment and your dreams and projects that you are working on. Put a shield of protection around your dream work that you are now starting to manifest into the world.

Imagine yourself bathed in a creamy, soft white light (and see your home enclosed in a bubble of this light, including your garden, basements, attics etc). Know that when you stand in this light, nothing can touch you.
Use your ‘Protector’ spray mist to spray shields of protection on your doors and around your aura.

Hot Flashes
Continue for some, but have reduced considerably for others as we have now adapted to the awesome energies that the Eclipse season brought us.

Silly little accidents have been happening to many of you lately. It is really important to be fully present as there is much to distract us at the moment. If you are juggling a lot you will be more in your head than your body, which is when accidents occur. Check your grounding (and breathing) several times a day. Stop and take three deep breaths and check that you are back in your belly and not breathing high in your chest. Women especially when they are busy, forget to breathe properly. It only takes a few seconds to get yourself breathing properly again, which also helps you to ground yourself again.


“Procrastination is the thief of time” – a million things will distract you from your purpose right now, you will have to get tough with yourself from time to time in order to get things done. Do not let anything or anyone swerve you off purpose. This is exactly what the dark forces want. They don’t want you to succeed and be happy; they can’t control you unless you are frozen with fear and stuck. They operate through the mental level, so you will need to be strong minded and keep a check on how much time you are wasting every day. And keep a check on those thoughts, discipline your mind. Constant tiredness can also be a trick of procrastination, so you will need to check what is really going on. If you are genuinely unwell, rest and take time out to look after yourself and re-build your energies. The second half of this year is gonna whizz by, so if you’ve got things to do by then, you will need to stay on top of yourself (if you’ll pardon the expression!)
Use the upcoming Mercury retrograde to go over everything with a fine tooth comb, to finalise things ready for launch etc. Re-work things where necessary and get rid of things that you realise now will just not work, free up your energy for what will work.

Look how far you have come this year! We are nearly three quarters of the way through and you have absolutely transformed yourself. Your environment is changing. Things are getting better. More love is getting through. More support has come your way. You are on the right track, so do not let anyone or anything distract you from that. You have grown in strength so much, your inner light and beauty is shining brighter than it ever has before. (And if you don’t think this applies to you, don’t worry, it soon will).


Breathing out stress
Breathing in calm
That you are being looked after
That you will succeed
That it is all going to work out
For your own peace of mind
To stay connected to truth
To radiate peace to All
Because things are getting better
Because you are such a beautiful Soul
Because it makes you feel good
Yourself, often
Others, often
Life, often

The key for the coming month is NOTICING. Notice the colour of the sky this morning. Notice the colours of the flowers. Notice the temperature of the breeze as it caresses your face. Notice where the sun is in the sky. Notice how the ground feels, is it hard after all the hot weather or softer after recent rains? Notice how your body is feeling right now – do you notice any aches or pains? Notice where your breath is right now. Notice how your stomach feels right now. Notice where your shoulders are right now, drop them a little more and give your neck space. Notice where your thoughts are right now – what were you just thinking about? Notice how people respond to you. Notice how animals respond to you. Notice how you are walking – are you heavy footed or do you have a spring in your step? Notice your posture – do you hold yourself like the regal Spirit that you are or do you have rounded shoulders and are slumped? Notice your hands – really look at them, take at least five minutes to do this. Notice your blessings, write a list of all you are thankful for right now in your life. Start to notice the messages that are trying to come through from Spirit, don’t block them or bounce them away, stop and listen.


N urture
O pen
T ouch
I ntuiting
C reating
I nspiring
N oble
G rateful

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

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