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NEW MOON Blessings! March 2017



 We have a New Moon in Aries:
UK                 28 March 03.57am
EU       -           28 March 04.57am
USA     -           27 March 10.57pm
AUS     -           28 March 1.57pm
NZ        -           28 March 15.57pm


Fiery, energetic Aries represents enthusiasm, initiative, impulse, action (the most action-oriented sun sign of the zodiac), independence, aggression – usually due to being frustrated with other folks not being able to keep up with them - a shadow trait they need to modify as they mature.  Pioneers – never afraid to walk a different path or try something new.  Goal-oriented – sometimes work dominates everything and excludes those who love them – life balance needed. Arts, beginnings, war – worthy opponent, the armed forces, physical strength, the ‘Hero’, creative pursuits. The Adventurer, the Dare Devil – expect the unexpected and expect to be dragged into it!

Aries are like Eveready batteries, they never seem to run out of energy. But when they do, they do so badly. In their drive to achieve they can push themselves to their limits too often, that’s fine when you are younger and can bounce back quickly, but once you pass 40 you need to start looking after yourself better. No point in being too ill to enjoy the success you have worked so hard for! Health is wealth.  Many Aries folk feel constantly driven to achieve and can ride roughshod over others in their pursuit of this. Fiercely intelligent, short on patience yet incredibly inspiring, take your vitamins if you want to keep up with an Aries!

 Other Astrology
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Venus – planet of Love and Money – is retrograde.  This will affect Librans and Taureans more acutely than other signs. This is having an effect on all of our relationships.

Venus invites us to get to the heart of the matter (be that relationships or finances).  Some relationships may feel the strain, as what has been ignored will now come to the surface to be dealt with.  And yes, it can be an emotional time for many, so if you have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately but can’t quite put your finger on why, it could be that you are feeling Venus retrograde. 

It will throw up where you are dissatisfied in your relationships (and these relationships could be your romantic, family, friends, and business relationships).

ESSENCES that can help you through this Transit:

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For those feeling ‘crucified’ by life, brings freedom, resurrection and transformation.

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Helps to heal broken hearts, brings strength and grounding.

(our most popular relationship Essence)

Heals the war between male and female.  Brings harmony and peace to personal relationships.

Full details about each Essence, can be found here:
Some folks might feel that things are stalling financially and emotionally.  In fact they are just slowing down to allow you time to sort a few things out.

Venus is also the planet of Peace, and She invites you to find peaceful solutions to whatever problems you are dealing with.

Venus connects us to Mother Earth –

- How is your relationship with Mother Earth?
- How much do you value and appreciate Mother Earth? 
- What can you do for Mother Earth? 
- How can you educate others regarding Mother Earth and help them to establish a loving, close relationship with Her?

These questions can also be applied to any relationship/s you may find challenging at the moment. 

Venus asks you to take a good look at your life and relationships.  Are you surrounding yourself with people (and things) that inspire you, make you feel good and bring you pleasure?   Does your home reflect this?  Do you feel like this at work?  Do you feel like this when you are out with friends?

Venus invites you to take a good look at the way you attract.  What/who are you attracting at the moment?  Do they lift your vibration?  Enhance your life?  Raise your energy?  Perhaps it’s a good idea to take some time out to re-evaluate the way you are attracting and to make some changes, so that you can start attracting who/what you really want.

- Reassess what beauty means to you (so many of my friends have just had new haircuts in the past week or so) – it’s an ideal time for a makeover and a new look.

TIPS for Venus retrograde

- Get back on track.

- Reconnect with yourself.

- Deepen your connection with Mother Earth.

- Review your finances (and avoid large purchases). Put some new, stronger strategies and plans into place for the year ahead.  (Need help with that? Read ‘Overcoming Underearning’ by Barbara Stanny. Read every page, do every exercise and your finances will change.  This little book has been life changing for so many).

- Focus on feminine power (keep the balance when you feel strong Aries energy surging through you, balance it with your femininity). Make decisions through the feminine side of your nature, not the male side.

- Wait until after 20th May 2017 before committing to someone or something big.  Do all your checks and research first, and take it step by step even though you might feel like gleefully rushing in.

Venus retrograde started 30th January, goes direct 15th April, but wait until She is out of the shadow period, which will be May 20th. 

Beauty, cooperation, peace and harmony are the way through this Venus retrograde.

NEW MOON in Aries

It’s the start of a new astrological year as the Sky Wheel turns to Aries bringing us an energy-giving New Moon and energy for new beginnings.  It is like starting all over again, a new start, a fresh start.  Enthusiasm and excitement returns for us all. 

Aries is a doing sign, Arians are not afraid to go for it and they usually get what they go after.  Aries gives us the courage and determination to make bold steps forward now.

We’ve just had Spring Equinox; new growth is all around us and within us now.  You can begin again.  The New Moon in this sign at this time is bringing you plenty of support to do this.  However, be patient with yourself and others, Aries is impulsive but Venus needs to temper this with Her feminine wisdom. 

It is a time of rebirth and reawakening and a time of moving forward now.  Stop holding yourself and/or others back.  We all need to move forward now.  Be courageous and just do it!

Be open to new perspectives.  Listen to what others have to say as the penny may drop and you may find something new opening up for you.  Drop your rigid beliefs, they belong in the past, it’s all about the new right now. 

Focus on your health too.  The cold Spring weather may have delayed your fitness plans, get them going again now.  Add more greens to your meals; add Dandelion tips and Chickweed to your salad, make Nettle soup etc.  These are fresh, seasonal and free in your own backyards! 

It’s the ideal time to launch something new – however, proceed with caution, as Venus is retrograde.  If it’s something you are doing on your own, go right ahead.  In collaboration with others?  I wouldn’t rush into anything until Venus settles after May 20th. 

These SPRAY MISTS will help to keep you on track:

Uplifting, increases your attraction factor!

Helps you to ride the ups and downs of whatever is going on for you.

Charges you with energy, gets you off your butt and manifesting your dreams.

Helps you to move through your fear so that you can make your dreams happen.  Brings courage and is very supportive.

Enhances whatever you are starting, if your confidence drops or doubt creeps in, it will lift you up and get you back on track again.

Helps you to get excited about your life again, reactivates your inner fire and energy to fulfill your Soul’s purpose.

Brings hope and promise, is uplifting and lovely to use around the home.

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Full details can be found here:

Bright Spring Blessings to y’all!

Elly x
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