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Hi folks and welcome to February!

I hope y'all had a good January and are ready to enjoy this coming short month. I will be taking a few days off later in February (I will be checking e-mails but won't be able to action anything until I get back) to spend some quality time with my lovely hubby.

We have been very busy here since the turn of the year and right now I am knee deep in preparations for the next session of the GORGEOUS GODDESS VIP Programme (visit for more info) and am also busy working on something new that I am offering for those who missed the opportunity to get on the 12 month programme, so keep checking the Gorgeous Goddess site as I will be launching this exciting new offer mid February.

Onto to the February updates:-

Some had their post-eclipse fall out during January and were glad to see the back of the month. Now we have moved into February and the recent Dark Nights of the Moon were pretty heavy going for many. Today (Feb 3rd) I can already feel the energy lifting and more light coming in as the Moon moves into Her New Moon phase.

Many have left the planet recently as they have completed all that they needed to do here. The intensity of the recent energies was just too much for some, and they decided that they didn’t need to be here anymore.

There has been an increase in chemtrails again and hopefully the truth about them will finally get into the public domain. I have been aware of them for many years and really notice them where we now live. Every time a plane goes over it leaves a strong, burning smell that is very acrid and that I really do not want to breathe in. This also makes us wheezy and makes our eyes itch. When we first moved we thought perhaps it was the wind direction and that the plane was causing the smoke and emissions from the Port Talbot plant (further down the coast) to blow our way. But we have since deduced it is not that it is chemtrails. You can also recognise them by the strange trail patterns they leave in the sky. Several years ago I mentioned another aspect of this that I have been observing for nearly 20 years, that when an aircraft goes over the house it affects the lights in the room and the volume on the TV or stereo. This is because they are flying too low these days and the vibration from them causes the volume to either go up or down (nowadays it also makes our digi box stick which is so frustrating when you are trying to watch something). It is time for everyone to wake up to what is going on around us and not tolerate it. As if there isn’t enough going on with our health, our freedom to look after ourselves and our families is already under threat, not content with that they have been dropping all sorts of cr*p onto us through chemtrails. Once whilst travelling somewhere my husband and I observed a small plane flying really low over some fields and spraying some horrid looking stuff, intuitively I knew that this was wrong and was probably illegal, we followed it for some miles and what alarmed me was that it was also going over some residential houses next to the fields whilst spraying!

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference. Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

Much deep clearing has been going on since the start of the year. Letting go of so much – talk about having a good clearout! It’s not easy going through this, as things you had completely forgotten about or thought you had dealt with are coming up now for healing.
(For me personally, this was to do with letting go of another aspect of my father, our family home, it’s a complicated situation but a powerful dream that stayed with me for several days enabled me to identify, process, heal and clear it. There was a lot of tears but the wonderful thing that happened was that by revealing my pain and vulnerability around it to my sister, we became even closer. And I feel so free as I no longer have any attachment regarding it).
You absolutely cannot hide from this clearing when it is your turn, all the procrastination in the world won’t enable you to escape from dealing with your stuff as an adult. And that is what required of us right now, what the world needs is strong Spiritual Adults not puny adults acting out their needy inner child all the time. We have got to be able to think for ourselves, make decisions for ourselves and learn how to be independent on every level. (Yes even if you are in a long term relationship).

Exhaustion was back for a while, partly due to the energies, partly planetary activity, partly resistance to the clearing that you need to do. Also resistance to knowing that you have to stay away from certain people and places. The recent dark nights of the Moon made it difficult to get out of bed with some wanting to sleep all day! This should lift now as the New Moon brings us better sleep.

Healers/Therapists being drained
Many people have been getting sick and I have been surprised at how many of them are healerstherapists/lightworkers. We really have to protect our health and our energies at the moment. In order to cope with what is coming – and to help others cope – we have to be strong, we the ones they will come to for help.
Many of us are reviewing our nutrition and exercise as that is the only way to stay healthy. (We haven’t been dancing since before Christmas and I have stiffened up so much, thankfully we are going back this week).
As I mentioned above, you absolutely have to set your limits and boundaries with people now. Those operating from their shadow and ego are terrified and are projecting this by taking liberties with your time and your generosity. If anyone makes your stomach drop and your energy go down, then you know that you cannot be around them anymore (or if they are family, you must limit yourself to as little time with them as possible). To keep your vibration raised you need to be around those that lift your energy.
Those of you working in the healing and therapeutic arts need to be very discerning about where, how and to whom you give your energy. If someone’s behaviour bugs you, deal with it and don’t let them get away with it. We are now in the Era of Truth and nothing can get swept under the carpet anymore, because it won’t stay there and it will jump out and bite us on the butt shortly afterwards. You are going to be very busy soon as the general public will start to get sicker (physically and emotionally) and will seek other ways of dealing with it.
Healers please be aware of entity attachments happening more and more to clients. Those of you who have known me a long time know that through my own experience with Healees that many entities are self inflicted (repeating bad habits and bad behaviour, refusing to shift, blaming everyone else for their lot invites entity attachments). However, there are ‘innocents’ being targeted now. By ‘innocents’ I mean the general public who are unaware, less evolved spiritually and completely at the mercy of their lives and circumstances. They are the ones who have already given away their power to jobs/doctors/church etc and are so ‘asleep’ they are almost comatose, functioning in a human shell that is so disconnected from Source. These are the ones that will get entities and not realise it. In order to deal with them you will need to ensure that your energies are clear and strong and that you have good procedures in place for energy clearing. (If you need any help with this just let me know as I specialise in Space Clearing).
Also be aware that if you are slightly distracted or not grounded you could be duped by some of the scams that are going around, particularly those disguised in New Age clothing. Be aware and discern, discern, discern everything and everyone. (Note for Librans: not to the point where your mind drives you insane just use your common sense and gut reactions).

Dizziness and Cosmic Jet Lag
Continued with several earthquakes, the massive flooding and cyclone in Australia as well as numerous other natural events that don’t get reported about in mainstream press. Those of you who have been following this newsletter or my blog for a while will know that this doesn’t last long and after a couple of days you feel better. Earth Sensitives have a harder time of it as they are so sensitive to the tectonic shifts in our Earth Mother at this time. Rest when you can and don’t push yourselves too hard physically.

Aches and pains
Many have still been feeling it in their joints. This can also be part of deep clearing work that you may be doing. Hands especially around the hand chakra area has been painful for some. Hips aching again for some as they work on moving forwards in their lives.

Some have noticed that they have become very sensitive to smells. This is to do with your increased sensitivity at the moment. Those of you who are advanced Ascensioners will find that all your senses increase as you go up another level. For some their ears become more sensitive to noise, some get sore throats as their throat chakra is opened more, some can no longer stomach strong flavoured food, and some have difficulty picking things up with their fingers. With your increased sense of smell you might also find that you can now smell some people’s auras (I always know when someone has been taking drugs because I can always smell it in their aura). These overly sensitive senses do settle down after a few days although one or more may be left with you as a tool you can use. Just remember to be kind to each of your senses and not be rough with your eyes, ears or nose! (I’ve already mentioned in previous newsletters about when eyesight is affected by Ascension symptoms).

Heart chakra working overtime at the moment with all that is going on in our world. Just remember to cleanse your Heart chakra regularly and re-charge it with healing and don’t ever go anywhere without putting its shield in place.
Third Eye very active at the moment as our senses become heightened especially for those connecting with Spirit more, as we become used to Spirit communication 24/7. (Do not even attempt to open up like this if you are ungrounded, this comment is for those who have mastered having a foot in both worlds).
Hand chakras sensitive as many as emitting healing more often whether we are aware of it or not.

We are all on this ride of uncertainty together. Whilst there are times when we are going to have to be tough with people there will also be a lot of fun and companionship along the way too. Whatever hard stuff is going on, remember to balance it with some play and warm fuzzies with those you love.


Your mind
Your emotions
Your body
Your inner and outer strength
Your relationships
Your connection to Spirit
What to do next
Where to do it
Who to do it with
The highest aspect of yourself
In everything you do, say and think

The key for the coming month is BALANCE. Balancing work and play. Balancing the right foods. Balancing being and doing. Balancing your bank account. Bringing into balance all aspects of your Being. Bring balance to wherever you are. Helping others to balance themselves. Doing something that tests your balance like tightrope walking, standing on one leg, walking with a book on your head etc. Bringing harmonious balance to your environment. Balancing sleep patterns. Balancing chores with play time. Visualising our planet as peaceful, balanced and whole.

B lessing
A ll
L oving
A ll
N oting
C hange
E verywhere

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful. Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing. If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner. (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you). If in doubt – check it out!

Feng Shui Diaries – Update
Wow the house looks fab! Well most of it does, I ain’t Superwoman and I haven’t got everything done but I am happy with what has been done.
Have you got rid of all those nearly empty jars in the fridge and cupboards?
Have you chucked out anything past its sell by date (including medicines)?
Have you emptied your make up bag and chucked out those horrid old lipsticks and lip glosses and ancient mascara and eyeshadow?
Have you fixed what was broken?
Have you got rid of anything you absolutely don’t love?
Well once you’ve done that and everything is sparkly clean, you can restock with lovely new things (demonstrating your abundance to the Universe).
Then roll 9 oranges through your front door, literally rolling in abundance for the coming year. Then place them in a beautiful bowl in your kitchen.
Kong Hee Faut Chay!

Gardening Diary Update
We had another tidying session in the back garden one recent sunny Sunday and got loads done. It looks lovely. Only one concern, our little tropical palm tree isn’t doing very well, I’ve pulled out all the dead leaves and it is looking a bit bare now. Also I am concerned that if it is infected that it might be affecting our Laburnum which is behind it, as the Laburnum also seems to be leaning forward. We’ve had quite a bit of rain so I know it’s not for lack of watering. Any ideas anyone?

May your month ahead be filled with sweetness.

Elly x

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