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That is the theme of today’s powerful New Moon in Scorpio. (Occurs at 8:56pm tonight UK BST).

Shamanic theme: SNAKE - ‘I transmute in order to realise’

At this witchy time of the year, it is time to face your fears head on, stare your demons in the face and deal with them once and for all. Scorpio is all about death and rebirth, and we go through little versions of both each day of our lives. It is time to offer up your past in order to make space for your future.

Scorpio energy = “I desire to release”

This month we must release all that no longer serves us (habits, food, people, beliefs, addictions, clothes and possessions etc) before next month’s powerful triple gateway. Letting go makes us grow and creates space for better to come in.

This New Moon heralds a month of opportunities for personal transformation, transformation in relationships (some ending, some beginning, existing ones being greatly enhanced) as well as new collaborative partnerships as there is great energy for sharing. Opportunities for power, sexuality, wealth and creativity also activated.

However the powerful New Moon energies will also bring mental and emotional intensity and maintaining your balance will be essential. To cope with the energies of what unfolds, you will need to keep control of your thoughts or your emotions will spiral out of control. This New Moon will bring up deep emotions and stuff that has been buried (such as all the times you doubted yourself, you felt bitter about something or someone, all the times you have felt discontented with your life and/or the people in it). All is coming up to be healed and cleared once and for all.

Whatever comes up, please do not stuff it away again, it is a clear signal to you of what needs to change. You cannot feel happy and satisfied or fulfilled with your life until you have dealt with this.

Make any challenge an investigation i.e.

‘What is this showing me?’

‘Where have I been blocking myself and my power?’

‘What do I need to do in order to release them and release me?’

Remember that forgiveness leads to freedom.

And yes, you may feel a bit raw at times after diving in deep to what was hidden, and you may be surprised at how vulnerable you feel after identifying the truth of your deepest longings that have now surfaced, longing that you didn’t even realise you had. You have needs that seek fulfilment and you have the power to fulfil them.

You may have found recently that those you thought were true have turned out to be false. Those that you thought were gurus turned out to be false prophets. People and possessions that you thought you needed, you now no longer need. Groups you thought you needed to be part of you now no longer need to be. Beliefs you always thought were your truth, you now realise are others’ truths and no longer serve you.

Tune into the wisdom of your Soul – it has been shouting to get your attention! (And yes, that includes all of you who think you are listening, you need to listen more).

Our outer world can only change if we change our inner worlds. The New Earth can only be rebirthed from the death of the old one (we are seeing people revolutions around the world as the people start to take back the power they handed over to governments and institutions). The more you change yourself, the more effect you have on your immediate environment (partner/home/family/work etc) and our world. You must challenge what no longer serves you internally in order to bring yourself peace and fulfilment. By doing this for yourself you are changing the vibration to allow it to happen for All Our Relations and our beautiful planet.

As Mother Earth is detoxing all that She has had enough of, so are we individually, as we join with Her in preparing ourselves through cleansing, detoxing, clearing and healing for the New World and the new way of living and being.

It is time to clear whatever has been holding you back.

(Whichever house/s in your astrological natal chart that Scorpio falls in, are the areas that you need to focus on the most).

Scorpio Phoenix energy = “I have the power to manifest”

This New Moon offers us new beginnings in all the above areas of our lives and more. The time is right for you to step up in greater ways through offering your gifts to the world and embracing your own unique, special qualities.

This New Moon is fantastic if you have been thinking about recreating yourself. Whether that’s going for a completely new image (hairstyle, make-up, new clothes), a completely new way of offering your services (new branding, website etc). Or deciding that you are no longer going to use certain words in your vocabulary or behave in a certain way. Or you decide to move locations and start over again completely. Have a think about it. Be brave. What would you love to recreate for yourself?

Once you have healed and cleared the past, there is nothing to stop you being who you have always wanted to be, there is nothing to stop you doing the work you have always wanted to do, to have the kind of relationships you have always wanted. We have all been given the green light to go for it. Go for it in a big way. Show the world who you are. Recreate yourself only this time in your full magnificence.

Bearing in mind that we are at the time of the year when the veil between the worlds thins, there is mischief about, so keep your protection up over the next few weeks. Therefore also, this is a New Moon where you must be very careful what you wish for!


By the power of this New Moon, I release my need to control

and offer myself as a vehicle of service for the highest good of all.

I give thanks for my ability to manifest beyond my wildest dreams

for my highest good and the good of All my Relations.

I ask for the power of Grace to guide me -

may I be gracious in my thoughts, words and deeds.

As I rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of the old me

into the beauty and brilliance of the new me.

Oh wow, this is such a powerful New Moon. I am cleaning up my broomstick and getting ready to ride, ride, ride!

P.S. If you need help on a 1-2-1 basis with any of this, just let me know.

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