Thursday, 30 August 2012


Karma cutting – Wishes fulfilled

Today sees the second Full Moon of the month, the auspicious ‘Blue Moon’.  
 (UK 14:58pm BST, USA 09:58am EST/06:58am PDT).  
 As I mentioned in my previous Blog, the Moon doesn’t actually turn blue!  It is an infrequent phenomenon that inspired the old saying “once in a blue moon”.  This moon is also known as a Wishing Moon, wishes made at the time of this Moon have every likelihood of coming true.  There is excellent planetary support also at this time for manifestation. 

Occurring in Pisces, this Blue Moon will stir up some emotions, Chiron is well aspected and there is great healing potential around this Full Moon (especially for water signs and those with lots of water in their charts).  You may be required to dig deep, and winkle out the old resentments and hurts that need healing now.  The planets are also bringing up stronger emotions and some folks have already been exploding in rage at the slightest thing over the past couple of days (expect this to intensify especially on Saturday).  Think before you speak, because if you light someone’s touch paper you can expect to get burned!  Everything becomes amplified over the next couple of days.

 There is a fantastic opportunity for resolving karma at this Moon also.  As mentioned in my previous Blog/Ezine, this is the time to be fearless, and some of you have been doing really well with that over the past couple of weeks.  Then all of a sudden it seems like everything is going t*ts up and you are left reeling wondering WTH?  It is just the old mud being disturbed and bringing to light your issues and old emotions and hurts that are ready to be healed now.  

I have personally just come through a massive karma releasing experience which wasn’t at all easy, but my goodness I feel lighter than I have done in years.  The relief at realising that I have paid that particular karmic debt is enormous.  I feel free and happier than I have done in a very long time.  It meant I had to sacrifice something incredibly precious to me, I had to release someone I have loved all my life.  I had to be fearless in taking back my own power and setting my boundaries.  The line had been crossed and there was no going back.  This has been the strangest, most amazing experience, as I did not realise how heavy the weight of this person had become energetically, because of my sense of duty. I am now experiencing the cells in my physical body starting to change as a result too, and I am laughing more than I have done in years.  I have always loved this person and will never stop loving them, yet know I have done the right thing as there is space for my Soul to express itself fully once more.

The light of this Moon is so powerful, the power of this Moon is awesome.  When we took the picture above last night, we were standing 20 feet away from where the waves were breaking on the rocks yet we still got drenched (it was fabulously invigorating!)  The power of the waves whacking against the rocks vibrated under our feet through the earth we were standing on.  I could then feel the really strong magnetic pull of the waves as they went out again.  It was spectacular and thrilling and completely energising.  If you work with this Moon, you too will experience complete re-energization.  Allow the emotions and other stuff to hit you out of the blue, dive into them fearlessly and see how quickly they lose their power and dissipate.  Each wave that you deal with is making you clearer, stronger and more powerful.  You are releasing what has had a hold over you, that you may not even be aware of.  So don’t be afraid of what may come up over the next few days, it is exactly what you need right now, so go with it.  This is the final part of the Ascension process (and may go on for some until the end of October).

In order to truly manifest that which you truly desire, you need to be a clear reception vessel.  You cannot receive unless there is space to receive.  The tests are pretty big ones that are coming up for folks, and it is very hard to remain fearless whilst you are going through all the cr*p.  But by diving into it to see what it has to reveal to you, and allowing it to be healed you will pass through it a lot quicker and soon be feeling strong and fearless once more.

Keep a check on your thought patterns, don’t get caught up in all the negative drama surrounding what is coming up, especially when it involves other people.  Keep pulling back into your centre and connecting with your higher inner guidance.  And keep a check on what comes out of your mouth so that you do not create more negative karma.  (I had an epic fail with this yesterday when I ripped the head off some builders a few streets away, whose music was so loud I thought I was at a gig in my own house!)

The key to getting the most out of this special Full Moon is to remain grounded whatever is going on.  A lot of people are already acting like space cadets and turbocharged La La Bunnies – stand well back and stay well away from them, their chaotic energy will play havoc with yours.  This is acting out with them having problems with electrical items including computers and their ‘phones (I have heard of one TV blowing up and at least one iron that has gone kaput because they are ungrounded).

So yes, there is a lot going on.  We gotta deal and heal with whatever comes up whilst staying grounded and thinking before speaking.  We are sifting, sorting, healing and releasing.  If you dive into the journey this Blue Moon offers, you will be greatly rewarded on many levels.  It can change you forever.  It can change your life forever.  But you have got to be down to earth about it all and not get lost in the spiritual ethers or emotional dramas playing out around you.  The insights that are ready to be revealed to you are astounding and will set you free.

And the more clear you are, the more positive you are and therefore more likely to attract the abundance and manifestation of your dreams more effectively and successfully.

Walk in Nature, dance, do Yoga etc to keep your body supple and flexible during coming experiences which may make you feel stressed and tense, and also to keep grounding all this excess energy that will be coming up.  Self care is essential during this transit. 

Through the insights and realisations you receive, you might also find yourself ready to make some major decisions about your life, the people in your life, where you live and the way you want to work.  Be fearless, if it feels right – go for it.

Secret Manifestation Tip
Ask yourself “Am I doing this from love?”
(not just love for others, but are you loving yourself enough to stand up for yourself, allow healing, make the changes etc)
When you focus on love/spirit – the material always is taken care of.
(Unless you are being a La La Bunny in which case you won’t manifest anything as you are not earthing the energy!)

Enjoy this awesome Blue Moon!

Elly x

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

AUGUST Updates


Mercury retrograde starts to lift mid month, so we can resume new launches, signing contracts, major purchases etc by the end of the month.  This has been quite a retrograde (the end of it was worse than the rest of the transit put together!) and I will be so glad when things start to flow more smoothly for us all.
This Mercury transit gave us all time to reflect, review and renew.  Now we have the green light to move forward with our plans for our futures.  This is a year of sifting, sorting and reorganizing for the rest of our lives.
We have two Full Moons this month – so this is a beneficial month!
The astrologers all indicate that August will be a much easier month for us than the previous 2-3 months.

FULL MOON 2nd August in Aquarius @ 04:27am BST

Elly: The Full Moon in New Age Aquarius will occur on Aug 2nd in the UK.  The Full Moon is a powerful culmination and celebration of all that you have achieved in the past few weeks.  It is the peak of the month and the harvesting of all that you have planted and created since the New Moon.  Now the events of recent weeks come to a ripe fullness.  Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate.  Remember the Full Moon is the best time for feasting, mating and debating!  So set aside some quality time for you and your beloved, eat something wonderful, talk to each other, and love, love, love, under the light of the Full Moon.  (And if you are on your own, do this for yourself and enjoy!).  Remember Full Moons are the right time for celebrating and revelling in your successes.

This Full Moon encourages us to truly start living in a way that is from the heart, to care for others, our community and most of all ourselves.  If it doesn’t come from the heart, then don’t do it.  Check in with how your heart feels before saying or doing anything. We are now fulfilling our destiny of living authentically and being our truth, of being heart centred, abundant, peaceful and highly creative.  This Full Moon opens the door “to our abundant future” (despite all the tests to the contrary!).
Think Big. Dream Big. Live Big.

DARK NIGHTS: 14th, 15th, 16th August
Elly: Remember that your energy will feel lower than usual; you may feel more tired as the Earth pulls you towards her.  Time to go into your cave; reflect on what has happened and what you have achieved in the past month.  To give thanks for all that has occurred during this lunation.  Decide what it is you want to let go of and what you would like to see grow with the next New Moon cycle.  Prepare your New Moon Manifestation List – these are the magical wishing days of the Moon.  On the New Moon, light your candle and read your list aloud, then place it somewhere special such as your altar, and let Grandmother Moon get to work on helping you to manifest what is for your highest good over the coming month.  These days signal to you the beginning of a new Power time.
NEW MOON – 17th August in Pisces @ 14:58pm BST
Elly: This New Moon in dreamy, psychic but strong willed Pisces will occur on August 17th in the UK and brings in the next Eclipse season. The New Moon is a time to start again, an opportunity to start anew and bring in the new.  New moons encourage reassessment and planning for the month ahead, you may have a need to be alone during the first few days.  You also may want to stay at home and may not feel you have the energy for going out or travelling.  Any seeds (ideas and positive energy) planted during a New Moon will culminate and flourish during the Full Moon.  The New Moon to Full Moon is a time of creation and expansion, of dynamic energy.  What are you going to create for your coming month ahead, where are you going to focus your energies?

FULL MOON 31st August in Pisces @ 14:58pm BST

Elly: The second Full Moon of the month occurs in dreamy, psychic, strong willed Pisces and will occur on Aug 31st in the UK.  The Full Moon is a powerful culmination and celebration of all that you have achieved in the past few weeks.  It is the peak of the month and the harvesting of all that you have planted and created since the New Moon.  Now the events of recent weeks come to a ripe fullness.  Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate.  Remember the Full Moon is the best time for feasting, mating and debating!  So set aside some quality time for you and your beloved, eat something wonderful, talk to each other, and love, love, love, under the light of the Full Moon.  (And if you are on your own, do this for yourself and enjoy!).  Remember Full Moons are the right time for celebrating and revelling in your successes.

This is an auspicious Moon known as a Blue Moon. (It is unusual to have two Full Moons in the same month hence the origin of the saying “once in a blue moon”, however the Moon won’t actually look blue!). It is also known as a Wishing Moon and is a great time to do invocations to Grandmother Moon about the seeds you wish to plant in your emotional, psychic and spiritual lives.

Product of the Month

In the UK we had nearly three months of constant rain and high winds, which made many of us feel tired and down, so I put together a new blend to cheer us all up! 
This blend is great especially if life has been a bit tough lately.

Vibrational Essences combination

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Due to work pressure and family bereavements etc, I haven’t been able to deliver a full newsletter this month.  As many of you appreciate, I have to attend to work that pays first and then when I have time I can offer the free stuff.  This month we had to buy a new TV which was not in our Summer budget!

SAD Syndrome has been occurring in some folks on this side of the pond due to the dark, wet weather we had almost continually for nearly three months.  Me and my hubby have started taking Vitamin D tablets again to keep our Vit D levels up and support our immune systems.  I have also been taking our new flower essence blend which I put together to help cheer us up!  Thankfully we have had some, sunnier and warmer weather since, which we have been so grateful for.

So many things have been happening that are symbolic of the time that we are in.  The Light is increasing so much in all of us and we are transmitting it further and further and it has become effortless to do so.  However, as the light increases so the dark forces try to put a spanner in the works.  Even something as simple as organizing a get-together with friends suddenly becomes loaded with symbology as things happen.  When we are creating from a place of great love and drawing others into that love, the dark forces feel threatened and try to prevent it.  We all know that from when we gather in ceremony and in our sacred groups, however, we can now see this type of drama playing out in our daily lives.

2012 is a challenging year and the tests are many.  However we are stronger now than we have ever been and are able to deal with the tests (if you are struggling, why not book a 1-2-1 with me and I will help you through?).  The end result is more enlightenment about who we are, what we want to do with our time here on Earth and who we want to be with.  It is a real sifting and sorting year.  Some of the tests are tough, our greatest fears are being brought up smack in front of faces for us to overcome.  Stuff you thought you had dealt with years ago, comes back with another deeper layer for you to sort out.  At times it can seem as if it is one thing after another until you feel that you might just break from the weight of it all.  But you won’t.  You know that we are never given anything we cannot handle, it is only our minds that would have us believe we can’t cope.  You have numerous coping methods and techniques now to help you.

Solar flares continued to play havoc with many healers/therapists/Lightworkers becoming ill and feeling exhausted.  It is so important to look after ourselves, we must keep our immune systems strong.  The recent solar storms and subsequent solar flares have taken their toll on us physically and emotionally.  We are also continually being bombarded with microwaves, radiowaves, chemtrails and radiation from Fukushima is something we need to be aware of.  Therefore it is essential to maintain a strong immune system to support ourselves.  Eat well, eat proper food with proper protein and fats, drink often and make herb water by infusing strengthening herbs like nettle in boiled water (leave to infuse for an hour or so, nice when drunk hot, or put in jug and drink throughout the day instead of water).

Dreaming once again has been incredible, so much being revealed to us during Dreamtime at the moment.

Please pray for all those caught up in the ongoing Earth changes and troubles around the world. 


Thiis the biggest thing that we are all dealing with now and it’s not easy.  So much feels unstable and shaky.  We are all experiencing changes whether we want to or not in small and big ways.  Pay attention to the changes that are starting to happen. 
Have you noticed that you are getting rid of a lot of old stuff? (clothes, books, household stuff, garage stuff etc). 

Have things suddenly stopped working in your home and now need replacing?  As some of you know our TV died on us recently and we had to find the money to get a new one.  This really pressed our  buttons!  My hubby went into a freefall of fear regarding the money side of it and it took several hours to get him out of it.  Yet even though this had happened, right from the start of it I had this feeling inside that it would all be okay and I couldn’t stop smiling (of course that didn’t help hubby’s mood lol!).  The previous week he had received information about changes to his work, my legal head/protection  mechanism went into overdrive, yet he said that right from the start of hearing about it, he had had a really good feeling about it.  In the end we got a fantastic deal on the TV (my feeling that it would all be easy was right, although it has cleaned out the saving account) now we are just waiting to see what unfolds job-wise for my hubby.

Has your body being trying to get your attention?  Have you been slowed down or stopped lately?  If so, this is so that you have time to take notice of the message/s trying to get through.
Even the astrology is pushing us to think differently now, to do things differently.  You may have found that the old ways of doing things are no longer working for you (spiritual practice, nutrition – things that are healthy and you have eaten for years you may no longer be able to eat). 

Some friends of mine own a New Age type shop.  They have been working 7 days a week for 2 years and have put a lot of love and energy into their work.  My friend is a Reiki healer and medium, and she said to me recently that already she can feel her way of working is changing.  They are also considering selling up as she feels they are now being pulled in a different direction.
I too have felt this for some time, I have been working in a similar way solidly for nearly 15 years and I too can feel that I am being called to work differently.  I am aware of my next step, but where that will lead and what I am actually meant to be doing from now on, I have no idea!

I am aware that as we near 2012 I no longer am aware of so many different Ascension Symptoms.  I believe this is because we have done our Ascension Training and have now arrived in the new dimension.  Yes, I still get the high pitched tone in my ears that tells me there is an earthquake somewhere, and yes I still get the dizziness regarding volcanoes etc, but not in the way I used to.  The Ascension Symptoms seem to have become more embedded now and do not debilitate me as much as they used to in the past.  Perhaps that is because I, like many of you, know how to deal with them.  I am now getting to the point where I am not sure whether to continue including them in this e-zine and my Blog.  I feel we have moved on from that now – what do you think?

Remember that you are a Light Bearer and so many rely on your light that you may not even be aware of.  I know it is hard to remain grounded, steady and shining when you are as so sensitive to the constant fluctuating energies. You are also sensitive to what is happening on a masses energy level and we are constantly having to pull ourselves out of and away from mass fear, mass drama etc.  You are already working with Fifth Dimension energies, therefore when you get pulled back into Third Dimensional fear based cr*p, it really is a jolt and shock to your system.  You must be very careful whose energy you allow into your sacred personal space as well as your living and working space.  We are truly being tested to stay in our power and light despite all the unrest and turbulence worldwide that we are witnessing.  However through the worldwide unrest, people power continues to grow stronger as many stand up for themselves and take back their power from the various forms of authority that try to weaken us and destroy us.

Don’t forget that we are still very well supported by those in the Spirit World.  So ask for more help more often.  All those Angels, Guides and Guardians are standing around waiting to receive instructions from you about what you need help with.  Don’t just ask for the small things, ask for the great big things too!  I keep being told that we are not asking often enough.  We are not meant to struggle alone, that’s what they are there for. 
However in order to access their messages of help and guidance, we need to be clear enough ourselves.  You may need to physically detox, you may need to emotionally and/or mentally detox.  Practice quiet time/meditation so that you can be open to receive.  Also do be aware that they will give you messages whilst you are cleaning the bathroom or doing the ironing, as much as when you are sitting in meditation!

Allow more magic to come into your life in many different ways.  Don’t allow the stuff that’s going wrong to drag you down into a negative spiral.  Pull yourself up and put your Big Girl/Big Boy pants on and get on with it!  There is so much magic and abundance out there with your name on it.  Are you open to receiving it?  Are you ready to receive it?  Is there space for it to come in?

Some of you have already experienced these symptoms and some will continue to do so.
As I have said before, we are on the same path but at different stages, so just take what feels right for you now, and keep the rest as future reference.  Although I speak as if these things have already happened, for some they have yet to happen.

The symptoms seem to be merging with the messages that are coming through, so for this month, I have nothing to add to this section.

KEY for the month: FEARLESS
2012 is pushing us to become fearless.  To live fearlessly.  To have fearless thoughts.  To speak without fear.  (Be aware that your fears can be so deep and well hidden that you may not even realise they are being expressed).  This is the year to drop fear.  It holds you back, it is heavy energy, it causes problems in your relationships, it stunts creativity and success, it affects your health.  You know the definition
“FEAR = Fear of Events Appearing Real” and that is one of the best.  Fear is worrying about ‘what if’, the thing is 99% of the time, ‘what if’ never happens!  So you wasted all that energy and lifeforce worrying for nothing!  (The 1% of time that it does happen is because it is meant to, because there is a lesson to be learned).
So stop worrying.  When you feel fear ask yourself some questions;
 “Is this real?
“What am I really worried about?”
“What is the worst thing that can happen?”
This is a great question, because even if you picture the worst case scenario most of the time if won’t happen and if it does you will already have been thinking of ways to deal with it.  Fear is such a small word that has such a huge impact on our lives.  Stop using this ‘F’ word and stop letting it mess up your life!  When that little ‘F’ monster starts to knot up your stomach, take charge, look clearly at what is going on.  Fear is not trusting.  You do not trust yourself or believe that things will be okay for you.  Get to grips with that.  Fear does have its place in our lives, it alerts us to life threatening dangers and is a primal survival response.  However, over the decades in our so-called sophisticated society, we have blurred its role and overused it, so instead of being a primal response it has become a regular response.  Put it back in its proper place and trust that whatever happens you will deal with it, and trust that you will get the support you need to deal with it.  Remember you are a Divine Being of Light, you are invincible, you are Love, so enjoy the rest of your life fearlessly!  For your homework, between now and the next newsletter you are to do something that terrifies you, especially something you have been putting off.  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to!


AFFIRMATIONS for the month

I allow my Heart to be my Divine Compass
I am open to receiving
I am ready for all the abundance that the Universe has for me
I now live my life fearlessly, boldly and with total love
I honour my Divine Magnificence and my abilities
I now communicate clearly with the Divine, my Angels, Guides and Guardians

If you are having a difficult time working through issues that the Ascension Process may be bringing up, you may find 1-2-1 support helpful.  Contact me for more details.

Please Note:
These Ascension updates are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose any kind of dis-ease or malady you may be experiencing.  If you have concerns about your health, I strongly advise you to see a qualified medical practitioner.  (Don’t get carried away in spiritual la-la land and override any messages that your body may be trying to give you).  If in doubt – check it out!

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